Herbal Body Wraps.

Some upscale spas even grow their own herbs to use in their own body wraps. That is not necessary but it adds an extra touch of specialty for them.  Herbs may be fresh, or dried. Organically grown is best. Each herb has its own distinct effect.  Some soothe the skin, others increase circulation, others are cleansing.
Herbs are steeped in almost boiling water. Muslin sheets or strips are soaked in the solutions. These herb-infused sheets and insulating layers are what is wrapped around your body and limbs.

These treatments are interesting.  They generate a condition something like your body experiences when you have a fever.  When we have a fever we eliminate toxins from our bodies by sweating.

Basically that is how body wraps work, though it may feel more systemic than perspiration.  Results vary. Some people feel an intense detoxification experience while others indicate it is mild for them.

The procedures and content of the wraps also vary. Seaweed, mud and salt are popular body wraps.  The client is usually wrapped from neck to toe with the arms set close to the sides of the body. Clients with claustrophobia may be uncomfortable with this.   It is a simple matter to leave the arms free from the wrap.  It also helps to create a comfortable atmosphere where they trust it is acceptable and possible to remove themselves from the wrap at anytime they choose.

Whatever choice of body wrap you select be sure you feel totally comfortable with the spa and that a technician will always be nearby.

What things do you need to consider when choosing a spa or salon?  Take your time and be careful. Get the answers to these questions for a start.

Where do they get their herbs and other materials?

  • How long have body wraps been given by their staff?
  • Are there special discounts for new clients?
  • Is there a licensed clinician dedicated to massage or body wraps?  
  • Can you tour the facilities before you decide on a purchase?
  • Are there discounts for multiple visits or memberships?
  • Are there any unresolved complaints at the Better Business Bureau?

Be alert. Watch for coupons or ads in local publications. This can be a good way to try out a service at bargain rates.   Ask your friends whether they have had a body wrapping experience. Ask whether they enjoyed it and what kind of results they experienced.  Perhaps you can watch for a two-for-one special and go with a friend.

We cannot say with certainty whether the experience reduces your cellulite or not. However, if you follow the guidelines you are in for a relaxing and pleasant experience.  Maybe you will like it enough to add it to your long term personal care budget!

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