Is memory improvement only for the elderly?

Memory Improvement is not just about the elderly

Brain cells deteriorate with age. So does its capacity for storage and retrieval. Also, disease conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and others have a negative impact on the brain’s overall functioning. It is not proper however, to conclude that memory improvement is an exercise restricted only for the aged.

We live by recalling what the brain has stored. Right from our childhood, we have gathered information which we put to use in our later years. Very simple and easy to do things, like learning to tie the shoelace, learning numerals and alphabets, remembering names of those close to us and how to go about incase we got lost in a shopping mall. A child learns all these things and stores in his memory and information stored during this formative phase, is utilized throughout our lives.
The number of things that need to be remembers keep on adding. As children with their studies, more and more information get inside his brain. Students consult notes and lectures for quick recall. More the complexity of the information, more effort it takes to remember. In schools and colleges, what you write in the examinations become the parameter for judging you. And what you learnt during those educational years, become critical once you start in a job.

Life is full of memories

As life goes on, more and more “things to be remembered” gets added to the never-ending list. Phone numbers, PIN codes, birthdates, anniversaries, events, work matters, the list goes on. Since more or less all these names, numbers and events are inter-related, there is hardly any room to “forget”, an inexcusable offence.

Defining memory

It can thus be surmised that life is nothing but a series of memories, learnt yesterday, or in yesteryears and applied today, tomorrow or the year after.  Retain, recall and apply. Memory therefore can be defined as the ability to retain and keep the learning to be applied when needed. It has a lot to do with how a person functions independently without external assistance.
While people are fully aware of the importance of memory to live life, people do forget or suffer from memory loss. It could be part of normal forgetting or part of a complex psychological process like fear, dread or trauma. It could also be due to the nature of a very complex set of information that is difficult to organize both in short or long term memory.
It is also noticed that the means of acquiring any information (visual or verbal) also affects memory. Studies show that information gathered through the visual media like TV, movies help in the development of the right side of the brain, which has a direct link to memory.

Thus it is proved beyond doubt, that improvement of memory is not just about the elderly. It is for those who:

•           Wish to learn maximum.
•           Make the most of what they have learned.
•           Wish to be a person who is above-average in terms of memory.
•           Want to use memory to their advantage.

The aged benefit from memory improvements by living the way did before they experienced memory loss. In fact it can even reduce the rate of memory decline.

Improving memory is possible

So, if you have not reached those silver years yet, and wish to improve your memory, what should you do? If you have the will, there are plenty of ways to go about it, which are available for your use. The promise of a better life, with a strong memory, is for you to pick.
If you believe knowledge is power, you ought to believe information is more powerful. And to retain the priceless information is what memory retention is all about. Store the information in that infallible “mental database” with easy accessibility, when you need it most. Brain is a flexible organ, and its functioning depends on our expertise for its upkeep. You let it rot, it will rot. You wish to sharpen its edges, it will shine.

Hope this article provide you the information about the memory improvement.

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