What about "natural" remedies to boost the memory?

The media has caused a boom in the generation of information, round the world. Even those residing in the remotest corners of the world are not spared, so long as they have access to newspaper or TV. In fact, the flow of information is so extensive and diverse that each one of us, whichever part of the world that we may belong, can not escape information overload.
One of the first to be victimized as a result of this boom is our memory capacity. As a part of our natural habit, we screen information and remember those only that are of immediate relevance. In a way, we become selectively forgetful. Hence it is imperative for us to learn how to increase our memory capacity, increase the power of retention and recall as and when necessary. To do this exercise, natural memory boosters come to our help.

Indeed there are handy ways to pump up our memory capacity. For instance, attend some memory-building class, or buy a few self-help books on memory upkeep. But wouldn’t it be nice if we did all that and also paid a little more attention to our state of physical fitness and eat a proper diet?

One of the surest ways to keep the memory system sharp and alive is to remain physically fit. Go for an annual check up and see for yourself, how you score on physical fitness and the state of your general health.
It’s a myth that people have good or bad memories. People mostly forget because their minds are pre-occupied, stressed or simply overworked. If you can devise a way by which you stay away from these health hindrances, you are already on your way to a good memory.

Bad memory is indeed a part of aging. And combined with a sedentary lifestyle and poor unbalanced diet, you are sure to get poor memory. But often you see old people with excellent memories. The secret is either they keep themselves in perfectly fit condition, or they have mastered the art of keeping memory intact, despite age.

It has been seen that, the more idle and lazy you are, the chances of having poor memory increases. An idle mind definitely encourages us to forget most of the past incidents and experiences gathered over the years. Use of alcohol and smoking has also been attributed with the same properties.  

Our hectic lifestyles are to be blamed for the kind of food that we consume. Whichever you look, it is frozen or processed food. No body has the time and patience to cook fresh, fish, meat or vegetables any more. Buy, put it all in the microwaves and there you are, a meal is ready in a jiffy.

There is an excellent option now available for people with poor memory. Ginseng is a natural herb, in use in China for over 2000 years. Ginseng is now a popular choice as it has tremendous healing power in many diseases. It is effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and some other nerve disorders.

Ginseng is now known to be effective in the boosting of memory. It is an effective body relaxant also, and works very effectively for people who use excessive caffeine as stimulant. Ginseng is an acknowledged stress reliever. We will talk about Ginseng later.
There is yet another school of thought which claims that eating fish rich in oils, helps in getting rid of toxins and sharpens the intellect. Experts also advise on eating essential fatty acids, B Complex Vitamins and Amino acids to improve memory.

So what is so special in fish, that it is used for memory boost? Fish provides a high level of chlorine, a chemical from which acetylcholine is derived. Acetylcholine is the foremost chemical that assists in memory improvement. Over and above that, it is also a vital element for the birth of nerve cells. Other foods rich in acetylcholine are eggs, liver and nuts. Remember, when elders used to say peanuts make you intelligent. Yes it does, as it is a rich source of chlorine.

Considered good for the brain are carbohydrates like whole-wheat bread and pasta. They are good because their energy giving glucose content is continuously released into the blood. So just make sure that you eat a lot of slow-release carbohydrates by also adding protein rich items like fish or chicken with boiled potatoes and whole-grained rice.

Hope this article will provde you information about natural remedies to boost the memory.

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