What causes "memory loss?"

We often come across situations in life, when small bits of information, which come “at the tip of the tongue” but we can not recall it. Like the name of a person who we met a year back, the location of a restaurant, the name of a movie or where we kept our car keys. These things are considered perfectly normal, because it is natural for the brain not to be able to store such an information overload. However, when this forgetfulness or loss of memory, starts affecting our daily lives then we have a big problem in our hands. This kind of memory loss needs medical intervention.

Factors Causes Memory Loss

There are many factors that are associated to cause memory loss. Listed below are some of the most common causes:

  • Aging

One of the most common causes for memory loss is aging. Even at 20, a person starts losing brain cells, but at a very slow rate. As we age, the body reduces the production of certain chemicals which are needed for the brain cells to work.  This means that there starts a deficiency of neurotransmitters, which are also the brain’s inbuilt messengers. The older we get, faster the process of this degeneration. In fact, 10% of all people above 70 suffer from memory loss problems.

Alzheimer's Disease

Other than aging, Alzheimer ’s disease is another major cause of loss of memory. While the reason behind it still remains unknown, Alzeiher’s causes one of the most serious memory dysfunctions known to man. It is a form of dementia which advances rapidly and affects all functions related to the intellect, including memory retention. In America alone, around 4 million have fallen victims to the dreaded disease. In fact 50% of all those who suffer from memory loss are Alzheimer’s victims. More information is covered on this dreaded disease in an upcoming chapter.

Head Injury

By definition, a head injury is any trauma which leads to the injury of the skull, brain or scalp. This includes even minor injuries such as a bump in the head bump as well as major brain injuries. Severe head injuries can result in memory loss. Annually, approximately 2 million people suffer from head injuries. Prompt first aid treatments normally improve the chances of survival and also keeping his memory intact.


By definition, a seizure is a violent, involuntary and uncontrollable muscle contraction. Sometimes, seizures can cause blanking out all of a sudden.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions such as coronary artery disease, arrhythmias and heart failure can also lead to memory loss. Whenever there is reduction of blood flow in the brain, it causes many problems, and can prove to have detrimental effect on the brain.

Failures of kidney and liver failures are also linked to memory loss. These conditions increase the concentration of toxins in the blood.

Memory loss is also caused by malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies .Alcoholism is also considered to be a major cause. This is referred to as the Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome.

The “pill popper” or the person who takes too many medications may suffer from memory loss. Overdosing usually leads to a changed state of mind and confusion.

Maintaining Memory

So what can be done to keep one’s memory intact and functioning well? It begins with living a healthy lifestyle and keeping the body fit. The brain craves to learn new things and face newer challenges. That is why doing new things, and getting busy with newer activities keep the brain sharp and agile. Avoiding stressful living and indulging in relaxing and enjoyable pursuits greatly invigorate the brain.
Herbal medications are also considered to be effective in maintaining the wellness of the brain. The Siberian Ginseng is considered good in helping restore memory. Gingko is popular in helping people with dementia. The Maca Root is rich in vitamins and minerals which are much needed by the brain, such as vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. Another root known as Kava is clinically proven to have comparable effects with those of anxiety drugs.

We must appreciate the problems in case of memory loss. Our efficiency level and sharpness of the mind is subject of wear and tear of age and we hardly know what the future holds for us. Take care of the organ which lets you live the way you want to. And memories are all that we have to go by. Keep it functioning and healthy.

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