How to remember names and faces

Quick and Easy Steps to Remember Names and Faces

Grabbing the private phone book to remember the name behind the face you met a few years ago ? Dodging that figure across the road, because you can’t say hello as you forgot his name? You just recall he was in school with you. Situations like these are not uncommon. Try to follow these techniques to help you remember names and faces better:

  • When you first hear a person’s name, ask him to repeat it if you have not heard it properly. Repeat the name a few times yourself.
  • If someone hands over his name card, read out the name loudly to yourself once or twice. The mind remembers a sound better.
  • When in conversation with the same person, keep his card in front of you throughout the conversation, so that you can often refer to him by name a few times…until you can remember it without looking at the card.
  • Try to recall a friend or a relation by the same name and mention that how his name reminds you of that friend or that relation because of his namesake.
  • As you mention the similarity of the names, try and bring some other similar associations as well. You can do this towards the beginning of the conversation or in the middle or end of the conversation, when you know a little bit more about your new acquaintance. Some similar characteristic – it could be physical features like sharp nose, drooping shoulders or even talkativeness, etc. Be it their occupation (John the lawyer, same as your lawyer) or a striking characteristic (Ana is as talkative as your niece, also named Ana).
  • If you are familiar and comfortable with the etymology or origin of the name (for non-English names) mention that as well and start a conversation about it.   You’ll be surprised at how most people are not familiar with such trivia.
  • As you go deeper into the conversation, mention his name as often as you can, listening to your own voice as you repeat it.
  • From their looks, try and draw out some feature that stands out. And associate them with it. Like Big Nose Teddy, Bob cut Sarah, Blue Betsy.
  • If you like to indulge in a bit of innocent humor, go for it. Like if Cathy is wearing pink, start calling her Pink Panther, if Peter is fond of poetry, call him Poet Peter and draw some mental images about that person.
  • Get as much information about the person as possible and link them up for remembering. For example, Dick from New York is Dick NY. Lily from Arizona is LL from AZ.
  • What are their hobbies, what do they play, how do they spend their time, and what job do they do? Answers to all or one of these will bring out some information that stand out in your mind and makes the person not fade easily from your mind.
  • These days it is easy to access a digital camera or a mobile phone with inbuilt camera. Shoot a picture, which may not be artistically perfect, but at least will record your meeting.
  • When the meeting is nearing its end, and you are ready to part ways, repeat his name a few times, recall a few bits of the conversation that you will not easily forget and make a testament about the person on those points, before you leave his company.
  • Once you are left on your own, try to jot down in a small notebook whatever transpired between the two of you. Where and when you met and any specific details about that meeting. Gather such notes in a scrap book. Makes interesting reading and helps you remember even the minutest details, including names.
  • Or better still; write down the day’s highlights in a journal, especially if you meet someone. You are not likely to forget his name forever.

So next time you meet your old school mate across the road, or bump into a long-lost friend in a mall, you will never feel embarrassed again. Call them and start a renewed relationship all over again. Found again and never lost again.

Hope this article will provide you information related to remember of name and faces.

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