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A hypnotic therapy to treat your smoking problem

Hypnosis - along with weight management, quitting smoking is the most popular medical use of hypnosis today. Hypnosis helps a person learn to deeply relax, and then to be open to suggestions that strengthen resolve to quit, and increase negative feelings toward cigarettes. Self-hypnosis is the natural extension, allowing the person to maintain the calm state developed in a hypnosis session. Guided imagery is similar to hypnosis, and involves creating negative images about smoking and positive pictures that help bolster the strength needed to quit.

It is no new concept that the mind affects the body. As far back as 350 B.C. Hippocrates, known as "the father of medicine," stated that all feelings and emotions start in the brain, and that those feelings and emotions are the source of any disease in the body. Hippocrates reasoned that if you can influence the brain, you can influence the body.

So, if you are living in Greece at this time you could get the chance to attend the Medical School and Guild, founded by Hippocrates on the Aegean island of Cos, and you might even get a oppourtunity to read one or more of the seventy volumes that he wrote, known as the Hippocratic Corpus. There you would find the very beginnings of the search to find the connection between mind and body.

A review of nearly five dozen studies showed that while hypnosis may have some effect as an anti-smoking treatment, it is by no means the ultimate treatment for smoking cessation.

According to some, the basic problem in determining the effectiveness of hypnosis as a quit smoking treatment is a lack of a standard way to conduct the hypnosis session. With all the studies, hypnosis treatments varied in the types of questions that were asked; the number of treatments each person had; and the including of other smoking-cessation interventions.

The first step to positive change is you want to change and knowing that you can change. Hypnosis enables you to release the unlimited powers of your subconscious mind and serves to permit you to make positive changes to improve all aspects of your life: business, family, sports, health and much more.

There are a lot of websites that are designed to give you information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy so that you can make a confident, informed and comfortable decision about using hypnosis to make the wanted positive changes in your life.

Many different kinds of change can be addressed using this method. It is normally used for people who have bad habits smoking, weight, nail biting, and others. There is a great chance of success in using this way to quit. Shyness, anxiety, workplace problems, academic skills, stage fright, and relationship difficulties are several other common issues that people are resolving with hypnosis.

There are also many other beneficial ways to improve yourself, say for example, you Want to perform better as an athlete or public speaker? Hypnosis can help you achieve your desired results.

The emphasis in sessions is to give someone the tools that you can use, on your own, to help make your life more enjoyable, successful, and relaxed. With one-on-one sessions they can show you how to unlock the power of your subconscious mind. It is that unused resource, along with your honest desire to change, that will be the key to your success.

They are results oriented At Hypnosis Therapy of Houston. They focus on your issues at hand and every hypnosis session is designed specifically for you. Give them a call and let them guide you down the path to a healthier more positive life.

When it is all in the mind, then it is all about stop smoking hypnosis

There is an old saying. “It is all in the mind”.  This is exactly what quit smoking hypnosis sessions are all about.

The dangers of smoking have been studied and analyzed for years. The negative effect of smoking on people’s health and their activities is now public knowledge. Because of this awareness, many people who have become addicted to smoking are now looking for ways to quit.

Every type of treatment has been tried and tested to help people stop the smoking habit. As technology advances, so does the treatment. The newest addition to the “stop smoking parade” is hypnosis.

Hypnosis to stop smoking works to eliminate the desire to smoke and ease the withdrawal symptoms. It is believed by some that the need to smoke is only in the mind, so then people have the ability to control that.

In this hypnosis therapy, smokers are divided into two kinds of categories; the identification and the replacement smokers.  Identification smoking is the most common and the easiest to remove in the stop smoking hypnosis therapy.  This is one of the most common reasons given for smoking. It is when the smoker indulges in the habit because he admires or associates with others who smoke. It can be parents, peers, or celebrities.

Replacement is when smoking takes the place of some previous habit. It is used to replace something that is lost. It fills a space created by anxiety or boredom.  Replacement smokers will often receive physical gratification from smoking. They enjoy the feeling of the cigarette in their mouth or the taste of the tobacco. For cigar and pipe smokers, the act of lighting often becomes a ritual played over and over again.

Most stop-smoking programs work at increasing the individual’s mental strength to resist the desire to smoke. They rely on willpower, and for most people that is the worst method they could attempt to use for quitting smoking. Willpower fluctuates like moods and emotions. One day it may be strong, the next day it may be weak.

For both types of smokers, smoking is both a physical and mental process. So to be effective, any stop-smoking program must address both aspects through hypnosis.

To address the psychological aspects of smoking, the hypnotherapist should include an evaluation of why the person started smoking.  What purpose has it in their life? Why is it hard to stop?  For the identification smoker, suggestions can be given to help strengthen a person’s view of individuality and self-worth.  Reinforcing they do not need to smoke to be accepted, loved or successful.  For the replacement smoker, a more detailed analysis of their motivations is needed.

The hypnosis therapy to stop smoking may include suggestions that change the thinking of the taste from pleasant to unpleasant. The individual can imagine cigarettes as unappealing, bad tasting, foul smelling and revolting in every sense of the word. This makes quitting much easier.

Hypnosis takes advantage of the mind’s natural ability to imagine and visualize. The client sees themselves free from the habit, filled with better health, more energy and vitality. They may also see themselves as looking healthier, being more attractive, and being more active.

Once a smoker has achieved success in a stop-smoking hypnosis program, it is necessary to reinforce the thinking that led to quitting so as to not revert back to old thinking patterns.

Smoking is a habit that is acquired and built over time. It can rarely be completely eliminated in an instant. Even though you may have stopped smoking, the behavior pattern still remains.  Hypnosis conditioning to stop smoking can then be used to reinforce the changes until they become a permanent part of your mind and lifestyle.

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