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Natural ways to stop smoking with stop smoking aids

Quitting smoking is one of the top New Years resolutions made and broken for a lot of  people.  Yet many more seem to pick up the habit every year despite increasing health warnings, skyrocketing tobacco prices, increased awareness and more advanced stop smoking aids being offered to the public.

Nicotine is one of the most highly addictive controlled substances on street today. And the price of cigarettes has multiplied dramatically over the past decade, making smoking an even less attractive habit than it already was too many people.

Unfortunately, cigarette smoking has not yet fallen totally out of favor with the younger crowd as socially acceptable.  These young people do not seem to care that they are putting their overall mental and physical health into jeopardy?  This all  just to fit in, or participate in an accepted socialization medium?

You see, smoking not only gives you bad breath, hastens the aging process, damages skin, and is dangerous for your heart and lungs, but it has been proven habitual smokers are more likely to give in to depression and be subjected to higher levels of anxiety and stress.

After quitting smoking, most people report a new found sense of vitality, an ability to think more clearly, improved health, easier breathing, dramatically reduced times of contracting cold and flu and a much better outlook on life in general.  This includes a greater sense of inner calm and peace in their daily lives.

The ironic thing is, most smokers do not want to quit mostly because they see smoking a cigarette as soothing and a great stress reducer.  The truth is the act of smoking has been proven to actually increase overall stress levels and bring on anxiety.  While that cigarette may seem to be a quick cure for anxiety, it is actually the very thing that is causing the anxiety to begin with.

Gaining weight from stopping smoking is another common fear of smokers. Many good stop smoking aids will help prevent this from happening by helping to replace the part of nicotine which suppresses the appetite with natural, safe and non-addictive natural herbs. In other words, natural stop smoking aids actually have a natural ingredient which helps fight off hunger so you do not even have to notice your body is without nicotine.

What can you expect if you quit smoking?

1. More money. At three bucks or more for a pack of cigarettes, expect to have much more spending cash in your pocket.

2. A huge increase in mental acuity and focus. This happens right away if you use a natural stop smoking aid.  You enjoy the benefits of being a non-smoker right away since it relieves the common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal immediately.

3. Natural smoking aids help clear the toxins out super fast by giving your body an extra dose of antioxidant power, and it will clear out your whole system from the inside out.  So once your body has adjusted and expelled the built up toxins that have built up you will notice a decrease in depression and anxiety.

4. Healthy lungs. The lungs repair themselves rather quickly.
Expect to breathe easier, and cough less once they have cleared themselves.

5. You will get sick less often.  This should be reason in itself to quit.

6. Look younger and have better, brighter and healthier skin almost immediately.

7. Whiter teeth and a fresher mouth.

8. Sleep better, longer and more deeply.

9. Have more energy and lung capacity to be able to enjoy those walks outside that used to leave you gasping for air.

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