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You have heard all the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, and you know you should stop smoking cigarettes. You have even made the pledge to take that step. What's next?  It is nothing more than knowing that you are harming yourself and your family with the second hand smoke. 

If you are going to try a stop smoking hypnotherapy, you may think that you have got the issue solved. But even the most proven stop smoking programs will not do you any good if you don't also have some help on a daily basis.

That means you will need a stop smoking support group. It's easy to establish this group, especially if you have friends and family members who are anxious for you to quit. And best of all, this is a free stop smoking resource!  

Anyone who has tried to quit knows that it is a very difficult process. A support group is one of the most effective stop smoking aids and it isn't sold in any form.  If those people who care about you most are ready to help you through the process, you may find that you can make it happen much easier. Here are some reasons the support of friends helps, and some tips toward making your support group as supportive and helpful as possible.

Make Yourself Responsible to Someone

Smoking cessation is sometimes more difficult because you figure you can sneak in a cigarette now and then without anyone knowing about it. Making yourself responsible to another person means that would have to actively lie about your smoking if you were to sneak one now and then.  It is one thing to sneak in a smoke.  It is quite another matter, to tell an outright lie, when someone asks if you've had a cigarette. Choose someone who'll ask you on a regular basis whether you've had a cigarette.

Talk to the "Naggers"

Spouses, family and friends often nag about smoking until the smoker is ready to scream. The key here is that it's seldom productive and only makes the smoker more angry, nervous and anxious for another smoke. Quitting smoking is hard enough without adding the stress of arguments over the subject. Take time to talk to all those "naggers" in your group. Tell them that you want their help, but that harping isn't productive help to quit smoking.

Support for Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Remind those in your support group that quit smoking products or methods you choose shouldn't be important. The important thing is that you're going to stop smoking. With that in mind, ask all those who doubt that hypnosis stop smoking methods (or whatever you choose) will not work, to keep their opinions to themselves. If you lose faith in the quit smoking hypnosis because of what you hear about it, it's only going to serve to make the process less effective.

Listen to Advice with Caution

As soon as you announce that you're quitting, you'll get plenty of advice from other smokers on how to stop smoking. Remember that the method that works for you may be no use to someone else. It's always good to listen, but don't discard your own common sense. You know more about what you can and can't do than anyone else.


Remind your family and friends that you're taking your commitment seriously, but that you need stop smoking help and encouragement along the way to reach your goal.

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