An overview of Adenocarcinoma lung cancer

Adenocarcinoma is one of the complicated types of lung cancer because of its metastasis to various pulmonary regions, thereby severely affecting lung function. Every tumor has its clinical importance because of its type and location; in this case, the adenocarcinoma of the lung is considered as truly critical and needs extensive clinical measures to help the patient recover from this deadly carcinoma.

While briefly explaining the characteristics of adenocarcinoma of the lung, the oncologists term it as a metastatic tumor. In light of this specific quality of it being metastatic, the cancerous cells spread to different regions of the lungs through blood vessels, lymphatic glands or direct invasion of tissue structures. The oncologists perform extensive clinical workup and investigations to delineate the origin, extent of metastases and foci that are involving the entire lung or portions of lung/lungs or involvement of different organs. Due to its nature of spread to other organ structures, in females, there are investigations that are carried out to determine the status of uterus and ovaries in addition to investigating the spread to other organs.

Adenocarcinoma of the lung has the most complex metastatic process, and due to its behavior of its spreads, the clinical approach thus constitutes chemotherapy, radiation therapy and supportive therapy.

It is noteworthy to mention that adenocarcinoma of the lung is grouped under pulmonary neoplasms that have epithelial origin, unlike hemangiomas etc. The adenocarcinoma is a malignant pulmonary neoplasm.

Patients suffering from adenocarcinoma of the lung have intense signs of pain, experience partial breathlessness, dyspnea and also cough. These are the signs that can be present in a patient who is not yet diagnosed with the tumor of lung, and if after the therapy the symptoms have not subsided, then the patient is to be referred to a clinical oncologist to rule out conditions like this type of lung cancer.

Since the therapy for the adenocarcinoma of the lung involves a specific course of treatment, as well as surgery depending upon its extent of metastasis, during the course of treatment patients are also being given special nutrition, as well as advanced therapies i.e. laser beam radiation therapy etc. The remission of the adenocarcinoma depends on how early the cancer is being diagnosed and how early the patient has started to get the chemotherapy and the associated plan of treatment by the clinical oncologists and also depend on the patient’s health status to bear the toxic effects of the therapy. In order to overcome this lethal disease the doctor and the patient has to work as a team to fight the battle against this horrendous disease.

The treatment regimen that is followed in patients with adenocarcinoma of the lung often involves a combination of chemotherapy drugs like cyclophosphamide + lomustine + methotrexate in which the response rate is 14-38%, hexamethylmelamine + doxorubicin + methotrexate (13%-32%), methotrexate + doxorubicin + cyclophosphamide + lomustine (13%-24%), cyclophosphamide + doxorubicin + cisplatin (0-36%), cyclophosphamide + bleomycin + cisplatin (20%), mitomycin C + vinblastine + cisplatin (26%-33%), cyclophosphamide + doxorubicin + etoposide + cisplatin (29%) and vindesine + cisplatin (33%). These regimens are considered for different patients with different clinical presentations of adenocarcinoma of the lung.


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