Recognition Of Early Symptoms Of Lung Cancer Can Be Very Helpful

Background Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a very lethal disease and the most leading cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoking. The cancers that account for the increased death rates in US is lung cancer.

Percentage Of Deaths From Lung Cancer

The recent statistics demonstrate that the lung cancer accounts for about twenty-eight percent of all cancer deaths among American men and women.

Deaths Caused Globally By Lung Cancer

The deaths that are caused by lung cancer globally account up to about three million annually. From these stats we can see that how fast the figures are creeping up.

A Very Important Fact

Cigarette smoking accounts for a large number of people to develop lung cancer, but another important fact is that the people who do not smoke but spend most of their time in an environment where there is a lot of tobacco smoke are also considered very high risk individuals who can develop lung cancer.

How Important It Is To Have Early Diagnosis Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a deadly cancer and it is mostly diagnosed at very late stages and thus the chances of survival are very thin, thus it is really important that the lung cancer is being diagnosed at a very early stage to make sure that the chances of survival are relatively increased than being diagnosed at a very late stage.

Belief Of Physicians

Physicians believe that lung cancer, which is diagnosed early, has a great chance of having a high survival rate than the ones that are diagnosed at very late stages.

What Happens In Late Stage Lung Cancer

The symptoms that are developed in the late stage of lung cancer are detrimental to health of the patient and drag the patient closer to death. One of the most cruel things that happen in late stage of lung cancer is metastasis of the cancerous cells to different organs. So the cancerous cells travel from the primary focus in the lung to a new secondary focus to another organ system.

Successful Treatment In Early Stages Of Lung Cancer

The treatment is more successful if the patient is being diagnosed with lung cancer at an early stage rather than patients who are diagnosed at a very late stage. It is impossible to treat the disease at a late stage.

What Are The Various Treatments Involve In Treating Lung Cancer?

The treatments that are involved in treating lung cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, radioimmunotherapy, as well as a new treatment option known as photodynamic therapy.

What Are The Times When The Individual Gets Serious To Seek Medical Attention?

The symptom that causes the individual to seek medical attention is when he or she develops hemoptysis (coughing up blood) and this makes them worried as to know what disease process is causing them to have this and whether it is cancer. So their concern makes them set an appointment with their healthcare provider and thus leads to the development of diagnosis of lung cancer.

What Are The Common Early Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?

The most common symptoms during early lung cancer are weight loss, chest pain, fatigue. It is recommended that one starts feeling these symptoms, one should seek urgent medical attention so as to ascertain the cause of their symptoms to rule out the presence of lung cancer.

What Are The Symptoms Of Advanced Stage?

The symptoms of advanced stage are recurring pneumonia, bronchitis, neck and facial swelling.

Protect Yourself From Environmental Exposures That Can Cause Lung Cancer

There are a lot of chemicals and environmental exposures from which a person should protect oneself because they can lead to the development of lung cancer. These chemicals are asbestos, tobacco smoke etc. If you develop of any of the above symptoms, you must visit your healthcare provider since you have a history of the said exposures.

Can Lung Cancer Patients Be Cured?

Only the patients in whom the lung cancer has been detected early have a chance of increased survival rate, else the patients in whom the cancer is diagnosed late, have a very remote chance of survival.

How You Can Protect Yourself From Developing Lung Cancer?

You can prevent yourself from having lung cancer by cutting down smoking and maintaining good health habits. Regular exercise and a well balanced diet will also prevent one from falling into the hands of this disease. You should also take care to avoid the environment in which there is a greater chance of being exposed to chemicals or tobacco smoke.


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