Lung Cancer - A Deadly Result Due To Smoking

Basic Facts

Cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer. Lung cancer is the first major disease that is indifferently linked to cigarette smoking.

Smoking, Leading Cause Of Deaths From Lung Cancer In US

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death of the people in United States. The figures are rising because of the fact that the smoking has greatly increased in younger generations and thus the percentage is rising at a very fast pace.

What Factors Determine The Higher Risk Of Developing Lung Cancer From Smoking?

The risk of developing lung cancer is related to the duration for which the individual has been smoking, the heavier consumption of cigarettes puts an individual at risk of developing lung cancer. We can quote an example of a person who started smoking at the age of 16 or at a lesser age is five times more likely to die of lung cancer than a person who started smoking at an older age than that, and the chances of the individual dying who started smoking at the age of 16 is 15 times more than a person who never smoked.

Some Statistics About Smoking

There are ten times more chances that the smokers will die from lung cancer than in nonsmokers. The heavy smokers are at about 15 to 25 percent more risk of dying than nonsmokers. A very high percentage, which is about 80 percent of lung cancer in men is attributed to smoking.

Evidence Linking Smoking To Lung Cancer

It is a great discovery that the researchers in America have found the molecular evidence that is linking to a specific compound in the cigarettes, which is directly linked to cigarette smoking. The name of the compound is benzo(a)pyrene, which is present in the tar that damages p53 gene, a gene which is known to suppress the tumor development. There is evidence that p53 gene is damaged in about 60% of individuals suffering from lung cancer.

How Much Time Smoking Takes To Cause Lung Cancer?

According to the research, smoking takes about 20 or more years to cause lung cancer. As stated earlier, tobacco is the major cause of lung cancer and the rates have risen pretty high with more people smoking these days.

What Were The Statistics In The Earlier Part Of 1900s

If we just go back into the early part of 1900s, we will see that the rate of lung cancer was pretty low and was considered a rare disease, but with the passage of time there is a very steep incline in the cases of lung cancer that are reported.

A Steep Trend Of Smoking In Women

There has been a very high rise in numbers of women who have started smoking and the numbers of women developing lung cancer is lower than men, but still the numbers of lung cancer reported in women is rising high day by day.

Why Is The Rate Of Lung Cancer In Men Higher than Women

The rate of lung cancer in men is higher than women because men have been smoking in very large numbers as compared to women and they have always had a high prevalence of smoking than in women.

Lung Cancer Will Supercede Death Rates Caused By Breast Cancer

Another pretty astonishing data that has been revealed is that lung cancer is going to cross the deaths caused by breast cancer in women. This is a pretty shocking stat and opens ones eyes to the changing trends of different disease patterns and these are because of the rising trends of smoking in women.

What Have We Gained From Above Information?

It should be realized that smoking is the major cause of the development of lung cancer in the people all over the world and the numbers are still rising up. We should all promote the fact that this disease needs to be eradicated as the governments have worked to eradicate many other diseases from the face of this planet. This is a pretty serious issue and must be dealt with greater seriousness. We should do everything that we have in our power to decrease the trend of smoking from increasing in our younger generations because if we do not stop this process it will grow more and more. There has to be a barrier that must be kept in front of this problem so that it just slows down a little bit. I hope the message goes far and wide and people can learn important things from all this.


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