How to Tackle Chlorine Allergy?

You may love something like hell, but will realize one day that you are allergic to it and will have to shun from it, how much it hurts? But allergies are so threatening that you have to go away from the allergen. This can save your life. There are many types of allergies and people have different allergies. There are many substances in the world that act as an allergen for some people. Allergy is an acquired abnormal response of the body to a particular substance to resist its entry in the immune system.

Allergies can occur at any time. Once you have acquired an abnormality in connection to a substance, the allergen will keep on irritating you whenever you come in contact with the allergen. This makes the situation difficult to handle. Immune system resists entry of some substance in the form of smell, air, particles, food etc. When this thing happens, your immune system becomes intolerant of particular thing. This makes your allergy deadly. Some people are allergic to chlorine.

Now, chlorine allergy tells you to keep away from the swimming pool. Chlorine is a chemical with many beneficial uses including swimming pool maintenance and drinking water treatment.  Everyone using a swimming pool can rest assured that they are swimming in clear water if the pool has been maintained properly with chlorine.  The drinking water that people use from their taps contains chlorine that makes it suitable for drinking.  Most people have no idea what is in their drinking water or their swimming pools.  Most of these people are most grateful that they have water to drink and a clean swimming pool for recreation.  Unfortunately for some people, they have a chlorine allergy that makes life a bit more difficult.

Chlorine is abundant in nature so the water in the swimming pools and taps are just examples.  Chlorine also is present in salt and bleaches.  Although this chemical has many important uses, those with a chlorine allergy will have a hard time appreciating the benefits when they enter a pool that is maintained with chlorine.  The vast majority of the swimming pools use chlorine for purification. 

Someone with a chlorine allergy could have a very serious reaction in an indoor swimming pool treated with chlorine.  This reaction could be like asthma, and these symptoms can be frightening.  A person with a chlorine allergy in one of these pools will feel like they cannot breathe.  A chlorine allergy can have a debilitating effect on those with this condition.  Lifeguards and other pool workers with a chlorine allergy could have their life affected greatly.  The chlorine in the pool affects the lungs, and the problem with the lungs creates a feeling of not being able to breathe.

Chlorine in drinking water can have very serious side effects on those that drink this water.  There is some evidence that this substance in the water could affect the life of a pregnant woman.  The chlorine in the drinking water can lead to stillbirths and miscarriages.  Some scientists believe that chlorine in the tap water could lead to colon and bladder cancer.  Those with a chlorine allergy do not have to resign themselves to a life without swimming pools and water.

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