Iodine Allergy

Allergies are very irritating and can’t be ignored. You need to take care of it and attend it as soon as possible. People cannot choose their allergies. Thus you may get allergic to thing you like the most or depend on most. Have you heard of something like wheat allergy or milk allergy? Yes, people do suffer from such allergies.

There is also something called as iodine allergy. If they could an iodine allergy might not appear a bad choice at first.  At first thought, people might think that they do not have cravings for iodine so this allergy would not be a problem.  However, sometimes people think that an iodine allergy might mean that they could not eat shrimp and lobster.  People suffer from allergies every day.  Some suffer more than others, and some people have allergies to more than one thing.  Those with an iodine allergy think that they will probably develop disturbing symptoms soon after consuming some shrimp or lobster.  There is not necessarily a link between an iodine allergy and seafood.  

An allergy can be a serious condition and some allergies can bring life threatening conditions.  An allergy can produce symptoms like asthma, which can be a frightening experience.  Other allergies can bring itchy eyes and a runny nose.  One of the problems with allergies is their mysterious origin.  A person can eat peanuts and suddenly die from their allergies to these delicious nuts.  A person could eat a great lobster dinner and suddenly feel awful.  A person could suddenly have severe abdominal cramps and wonder why they are so sick.  The person may have no idea why they are suddenly sick.

Serious symptoms of an iodine allergy can appear very quickly after eating a great meal of stuffed crab or shrimp.  There is a protein in these dishes that will produce these symptoms.  The symptoms could be vomiting or nausea.  Some people think that because they have an iodine allergy that the seafood will produce this.  These people might have a problem eating seafood, but they do not necessarily have an allergy.

People that develop some of the symptoms of an allergy should see their physician to find the source of their problems.  People can have a series of tests that will show the things that trigger their allergies.  The physician will be able to interpret these tests and show what things the person should avoid.  The doctor will then be able to prescribe a course of treatment to eliminate the symptoms although the allergy will remain.  The treatment could be medications.  The physician might also recommend avoiding the source of the allergic symptoms.  Allergies can produce disturbing symptoms, but there are great treatments to help the millions who suffer from allergies.

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