Egg Allergy

Allergy is an acquired abnormality that can cause serious implications and affect your health. It is important that you consider the allergy as a matter of prime importance. Sometimes after eating something, you may feel very uncomfortable. This thing you may notice again after eating the same thing. This should now give you a hint that you have allergy of a particular substance. Our body’s immune system has a unique role to protect the body from possible damages, failures and intruders. Allergy is triggered by our own immune system mechanism in order to protect our body for what it seems as possibly harmful whether it is dust, pollen or a food item. Here are some facts that will help you understand better egg allergy help you prevent and treat it as well.

Allergies are mainly acquired abnormal response against any particular allergen. This allergen can be any substance or any environmental factor. Allergies are the reaction caused by our own immune system in order to protect us when from what it believes can harm the body. Millions of people around the world suffer from different types of allergies, from airborne types to food and substances that come directly in contact with our skin.

There are many types of allergies. In food allergy there may be allergy of milk, peanuts, wheat etc. Have you heard of egg allergy? Egg allergy is most commonly found in children below the age of 5 and they are most likely to grow out of it after the age of 5 gradually. The protein found in the egg white is what usually causes the allergy but in some cases the protein found in the yolk may be the cause as well.

Common symptoms of egg allergy include skin rashes and eczema, hives, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, coughing, sneezing, runny eyes and nose along with wheezing. Those experiencing egg allergy may have one or more of the above mentioned symptoms, which can at times be dangerous in the cases of infants whose parents fail to see the symptoms. Severe egg allergy can turn into a rare reaction called anaphylaxis, which closes the respiratory tract causing the inability to breath normally and many times fatal especially in the case of infants.

There are several tests that will be conducted by your doctor in order to determine egg allergy both at the skin level and/or blood test. Once you are sure that it is the eggs that are causing you the reaction the best way to prevent it is to avoid any product that contains egg extract.

There are many food items that contain eggs even if you cannot deduce it from the package therefore it is important that you read the label carefully and look for anything that mention egg whites or yolks in any form; if in doubt ask before you eat, as that precaution can save you a lot of pain and suffering.

Many fast food items also contain eggs naturally from shakes to bread and baked goods and it is wise to clear that point before starting to eat anything in the restaurant. In case you have young children at home suffering from severe egg allergy you can also keep at home shots of epinephrine or as directed by your doctor in order to provide first aid care when and as needed. This drug, which can save one’s life, is only available through prescription and it is something you should discuss with your doctor before stocking and/or administering it.

Check the ingredients properly, in case if you are purchasing food from outside. Food must not contain eggs even in a small amount. If you have egg allergy then you must completely avoid it. Only this can help.

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