Learn how flu is spread among us

We all have talked about it, and experienced it at least once in our lifetime and in the end, we all mutually agree that we despise it. It is flu. The flu disgust us, it makes you feel queasy and gooey and a twinge and wretched. Flu has been surviving since a long time but some how it has changed over this period. All over, the world we keep hearing about various new and different strains of flu amongst which some are horrifying and frightening, than anything on before.

Flu is not a bacteria but a virus, and to gain the knowledge as to how it grows and spreads, we must know how it behaves when it enters the body. A layer of protein protects the flu, which is a litter body of RNA. It then attempts to weasel itself into other healthy cells, so that it can use their reproductive capabilities. Thus, without a host cell, the flu will not be able to survive as it can longer multiply and so it dies.

Once the flu has entered your body and captured some of your healthy cells, it spreads further and creates more virus cells and they in turn take over other healthy cells. This process continues until you actually fall very sick.

You are aware as to how flu multiples, now what you need to know is how to catch it. There are number of ways in which you can get the flu but the most common mode is by inhaling it. In case someone around you suffers from flu and cough or sneeze, you can be an east prey for flu. Simply being close to someone sick can make you vulnerable to catch flu and coughs and sneezes are certainly more powerful in the sense that they can transmit the virus at enormous speed and over large area.

The moment you inhale a flu virus it attaches itself inside you. This place can be your nose, throat or even your lungs and from there, it multiplies itself numerously even before you realize it and can throw it away.

Flu is transmitted not only through coughing and sneezing but also by way of touching things that were touched by those infected by flu. Telephones and doorknobs are amongst such few places where the flu virus keeps waiting for a vulnerable prey liking to attack. This is the reason as to why it is mostly emphasized to keep your hands clean so that the flu virus does not affect you.


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