The ways in which the flu virus can change over time

As time elapses, the flu virus can vary in a few different modes. In order to continue to survive the flu virus alters in a small way at a time continuously. The flu virus is enormously superior at performing whatever it is necessary to continue to survive. The flu virus is among small number of things in this world that can develop over a period.

Antigenic drift is one of two modes in which the flu virus can vary. According to antigenic drift the flu virus modifies itself bit by bit over a period, and in the end, what we have is number of strains of the flu virus. Moreover, as no person has any immunity to the new developed strains of the flu virus it is considered as enormously dangerous in the world fearing that they will be able to do more because these strains are often able to do severe harm.

Normally, whenever a person is contaminated with the flu virus, and that may be any flu virus they will initiate to build immunities to the flu virus and others that are associated to it. Nevertheless, when by the above-mentioned methods new strains of the flu virus are evolved, they will not be familiar to your body and this could lead to very grave illness or even death.

Thus, the main reason for us to be so frequently hit by the flu virus is this. It is not necessary that we catch the flu virus only once and then we get over it rather it is something that may recur number of times throughout the course of our lives because of the reason that each flu virus that we contract is a different strain that the body sees as new. This is the reason to get a flu virus vaccine each and every year if you are grown-up in order to be protected every time.

Apart from antigenic drift, Antigenic shift is the other mode that a flu virus can change. Instead of a slow change in the flu virus as is in the case of former, it is a huge and fast shift in the flu virus. It is something very sudden rather than a slow and gradual one. Even in this kind of shift in the flu virus, humans are normally left with slight or no immunity to it at all.

The type A flu virus is a result of either one of these modes of changes in the flu virus whereas the type B flu virus will only transform by the former antigenic drift method. Thus, we all should start learning more about the flu virus as it is something we all have to face and so that we can prevent ourselves from it and it from spreading more than it already has.


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