Is the new bird flu virus better because it kills less?

Just due to reason that the bird flu does not kill many people, it does not essentially mean that you should not be concerned about the bird flu virus. Instead the dangers from the bird flu virus increases when people are not dying quickly because the longer it lives in living people the longer time it has to spread the bird flu virus strain all over the world.

All viruses including the bird flu virus require having a host in order to replicate and once this host dies, it can no longer reproduce and multiply from one person to another person. So in fact, it can be very easy to control the infection of a bird flu virus that is killing people by killing the hosts quickly rather than containing a bird flu virus that is acting slowly as it is much difficult to keep its track. In addition, viruses do not pass from one person to another during their infection. They have only particular window through which they can pass form one person to the other and a really fatal bird flu virus would not even get to this phase where as the bird flu virus that we are investigating is capable of such thing.

Danger relating to bird flu virus is not only restricted to its capacity to kill those who are infected by it, but also extends to the ability of bird flu virus to spread and turn into a plague. In order to turn into a plague the bird flu virus requires to highly contagious and ability to infect many number of people. The contradiction is that more people will die from not so deadly plague of bird flu virus than from the bird flu virus, which is a very deadly one. Why do you ask this? It is simple as more people are going to catch it. As more people will catch it, more people will die. For a bird flu virus to be a killer and deadly, you do not need to have a high kill rate but what you need is for it to have a few percent of kill rate and for it to spread to millions and millions of people.

The bird flu virus is the most talked about topic these days and so many reports that you here are contradicting each other. Therefore, before you allow your self to be caught up in the panic it is necessary that you are knowledgeable about the bird flu virus and the manner in which it will affect your life and life of your family members.


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