The history of the Spanish flu

The world will never forget the massive catastrophe of the Spanish flu and there is no manner in which the price that people have paid emotionally by the reason of enormous death toll that was caused due to it. The number of people that died across the world form the Spanish flu was even more than the First World War. It is said that the Spanish flu took somewhere from 20 million to 40 million lives worldwide. Never in the history of humankind has one single infection killed so many people as the Spanish flu.

Just when people were beginning to feel that peace was finally possible did the Spanish flu strike its mighty head. The moment people were feeling cheerful that their husbands and sons were finally returning home they would catch the Spanish flu and die. Just as things looked as if they were being improved across the world, they took the wrong turn towards the worse with the Spanish flu.

By more than one reason, Spanish flu was a different flu than any other in the past and it at once showed up throughout the world. Certainly, the difference was not only because of the number of people that had died because of the Spanish flu was enormous. An additional remarkable aspect of the Spanish flu was actually who it killed. Most of those who were killed by the Spanish flu were between the ages of 20 and 40. This is out of the ordinary because most flu killed either the very young or the very old as they have a tendency to have less immunity to the flu. Nevertheless, the Spanish flu was entirely dissimilar than anything that the world had ever witnessed before.

The average life of American states was cut down drastically because over 28% of Americans were disgusted by the Spanish flu. It was believed that the Spanish flu had decreased the affected person’s life span by ten years.

This means that if you stay in America at the time the Spanish flu attacked, and you are in 20’s, you are more like to die 20 times sooner than you would have otherwise. The Spanish flu gives a dreadful death, full of pungent and not even getting air. It is even possible to get affected by Spanish flu within hours.


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