Stopping the Asian bird flu in its track

There are many Asian bird infections, each having different level of health hazards. Some of these Asian bird viruses can even kill you, while some may just make you sick. H51, known to be the most hazardous Asian bird flu, was happened to take place in 1997 for the first time. Matter of fact, this type of flu does not kill people, but much more chickens than human beings.

People who make their living on chickens, are more concerned due to the death of million of chickens all over the Areas due infected by Asian bird virus. Pity farmers have lost of their stock many times, just because of this infection. Those lucky ones who did get sick and die have had to have their chickens culled in order to try to contain the Asian bird flu. Thus, one can see that the Asian bird flu has far reaching effect, more than just making some people sick.

Not many people catch the Asian bird flu but among of those who do get affected many have died and will continue to die. About fifty percent of those who catch the Asian bird flu will die from it unless someone comes up with an effective Asian bird flu vaccine. The good news is that the work for the preparation of an effective Asian bird flu vaccine is under progress and it will be perfected sometime soon.

The main places that should keep high alert about the Asian bird flu are all Asia. Such as Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. One must be aware of the dangers of the Asian bird flu, if one lives in these countries and deal with chickens on a daily basis.

Over the last few years even though there has been so much talk about the Asian bird flu, it has neither killed many people nor have infected that many.

Irrespective of where one lives it is important that one know that everybody is doing in their might to contain any Asian bird flu outbreaks.


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