Will a deadly flu hit other countries soon?

You may ask that how far will this recent deadly flu strain reach. The answer depends on whom you ask about this significant issue. As per some bird experts, it will reach as far as the United States in North America because of the manner in which the birds migrate. All we know is that the birds to migrate but only experts know about the pattern in which they migrate. In addition, it is according to this pattern and eventually this deadly flu seems most likely to spread in the North America.

We all wish that this deadly flu should never occur. Nevertheless, the fact this that it is unavoidable and the possibility of its occurrence are any time soon. While migrating, the birds that carry the deadly flu spend time in the same places. This overlapping trend of migration is the reason that is conforming the possibility for us to catch the deadly flu.

Asia and Europe have already combated with a deadly flu, which is bird news for any birds that are suspected of having it, but very few people have contracted deadly flu thus far. Very few people who have caught it to others can transfer deadly flu but what is causing the panic about the deadly flu in the minds of the people is the possibility of mutation of the deadly flu into another more dangerous strain of deadly flu.

If the deadly flu is capable of changing and mutating, we could face something potentially more damaging than the Spanish flu of 1918. Around 40 million people died all over the world because of that flu and if this deadly flu arrives, it could do even more damage.

According to some experts, it is a certainty that the deadly flu could reach as far as Africa in this year itself. After that the deadly flu can spread anywhere in the world.

Many birds that already have contracted the deadly flu at present reside in China and they will travel to many other countries. All these birds or at least many of them migrate all around the world every year and only during this year, they are carrying the deadly flu or the possibility is that they are carrying the potential of the deadly flu.


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