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Chronic Back Pain Treatments

If your back pain is chronic, then chances are that it will not sufficiently improve using Self-Care / Self Treatment and Medications and Therapies options listed above. For sufferers of serious back pain, following treatment options are available:

Antidepressants: As well as reducing depression, small doses of various antidepressants can also help to reduce pain. These drugs can be useful in treating some forms of chronic pain, including chronic back pain.

Narcotics (opioids): drugs like those that codeine and hydrocodone may safely be taken for short periods under close supervision of your doctor. These drugs can be useful in treating some forms of chronic pain, including chronic back pain.

Other Treatments: may include anaesthetic injections which are injected into affected area, and other pain medications which can be self-administered into Spinal Canal via a narrow tube (called a catheter) which is connected to a special pump.

If pain is a result of any of rarer or more exotic causes of back pain, such as Arthritis, Cauda Equina Syndrome, or cancer or infection of spine or spinal cord, then suitable treatments, in addition to those discussed below, should also be sought as soon as possible.

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