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Medications and Therapies

If your back pain is serious, or does not sufficiently improve using Self-Care / Self Treatment options listed in section 10.1 above, then a range of medications of therapies are available. These include:

Exercise and Physical Therapy

A variety of physical therapeutically treatments can be applied by a physical therapist and achieve good results in the treatment of back pain. The range of treatments includes heat and ice, muscle relaxation techniques, electro-stimulation, and ultrasound. These therapies can help relax and relieve inflammation in muscles in your back, relieving pain that you may be experiencing. If these treatments are successful, then not only should your back pain decrease, but your physical therapist may also be able to instruct you in specific exercises that will help to strengthen core muscles in your abdomen and back, improve your back's flexibility, and also help your posture. The adoption and regular practice of such exercises will help strengthen your back and reduce chances of back pain recurring.

Prescription Medications

A range of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications / drugs (NSAID) are available over counter at your pharmacist. However, if these medications are not sufficient, then a doctor may recommend stronger non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, and perhaps even muscle relaxant drugs, which can relieve mild forms of back pain, especially if that pain does not subside with usual non-prescription pain medications.

Cortisone Injections

When your back pain has not sufficiently improved using treatments and therapies listed above, or your back pain is serious, or if a compressed nerve is causing pain to is spread down a leg, then Cortisone Injections may be prescribed. Cortisone is a strong anti-inflammatory drug that is injected directly into your spine (into a region called Epidural Space) so that it can reduce inflammation of nerve roots in spine.

Electrical Stimulation

Back pain relief can be achieved via Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) that utilizes a device that emits weak electrical currents at particular skin locations to underlying nerve pathways below. This technique can prevent successful transmission of pain signals. TENS is painless and safe, but it is not effective for all back pain sufferers, nor does it work for all forms of back pain. TENS is usually less effective for treatment of chronic pain, but more effective for treatment of acute pain. TENS is regularly used in conjunction with one or more treatments to reduce back pain. If above treatments and therapies do not yield sufficient improvement, then TENS could be well worth trying.

Back Schools

These are special community programs that focus on techniques for management of back related pain and exercises to strengthen core back and abdominal muscles to reduce the chances of back pain recurrence. Back anatomy is also studied, and practice sessions demonstrate various techniques and exercises that will help ensure that your back is pain free while you continue to live a normal, active, healthy life.

Back Pain

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