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Back Pain Signs & Symptoms

The main signs and symptoms of back pain include are sensations of pain in back or spine region.

This back pain may be persistent or intermittent, and it may be localised in one place or radiate out to other areas of body. In addition, the back pain may be a dull ache, or a sharp piercing or burning type of pain.

Back pain may spread to neck and it might also radiate out into an arm and hand, or it may be felt in the upper back, or in the lower back, from where it might radiate out into a leg and foot. Back pain can also cause weakness or numbness in arms or legs.

Please Note: If pain could be a result of any of the rarer or more exotic causes of back pain, such as Arthritis, Cauda Equina Syndrome, or cancer or infection of the spine or spinal cord, then a wide range of other symptoms may also be experienced as a result of these causes. If any of these medical conditions run in your family or if you are at elevated risk of developing any of these conditions, then you are also at an elevated risk of developing the symptoms of these conditions along with the symptoms of back pain. If this situation applies to you, then you should discuss this with your doctor and seek to arrange diagnostic tests to either confirm or rule out a diagnosis for these conditions. If any of these conditions are found to exist, then suitable treatments, in addition to those required to treat the back pain, should also be sought as soon as possible.

Back Pain

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