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Back Pain Common Causes

Back pain, particularly lower back pain, is most often caused by strained back muscles and ligaments as a result of improper lifting techniques, or as a result of lifting an overly heavy load, or a result of sudden or awkward movement.

In some cases, muscle spasms can cause back pain. In others, a build of stress may unleash or activate the pain.

Various injuries, such as falls and blows, can also cause back pain, because of damage to bones, ligaments, muscles, or other structures that make up back.

Some lumbar and lower spinal pain is caused by sufferers having one leg that is slightly longer than other is. This difference in leg length puts pelvis out of alignment causing excess stress, which leads to inflammation and pain. Without correction action, this can lead to long-term back pain.

In this case it might be wise to consult a podiatrist who will measure patient's limbs and if required provide either an orthoses - an orthopaedic appliance used to support, align, prevent, or correct deformities - or arrange to modify the patients shoe to correct difference.

However, in some cases, back pain may not have an easily identifiable cause.

Back Pain

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