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Medical Advice in Back Pain

When back pain does occur, unless there is a serious injury or medical condition, then simple home treatments, rest, and the adoption of proper lifting and movement techniques are often sufficient to enable a full recovery.  However, if improvement does not occur within say 2-3 days, or if pain becomes worse or debilitating, or you suspect a serious medical condition, then you should seek immediate professional medical advice.

Although far less common, the back pain can also be caused by a range of serious medical issues.

You should seek urgent medical advice if back pain:

  1. Your back pain is constant or severe, even while lying down.
  2. You have back pain and pain is spreading down either or both legs.
  3. Your back pain causes tingling, numbness, or weakness in either or both legs.
  4. The onset of the back pain has been accompanied by bowel or bladder issues, or abdominal pain.
  5. Your back pain is accompanied with any pain in bowel, bladder, or abdomen that pulses (throbs).
  6. You have back pain and fever.
  7. Your back pain occurs after a fall, an injury or shuck to your back, or some other form of injury.
  8. You have unexplained weight loss while experiencing back pain.
  9. Your back pain is new and you are older than 50 years of age.
  10. You have back pain and cancer or Osteoporosis run in the family.


You have the back pain and you also have a history of steroid, drug, and/or alcohol abuse.

In all cases, the sooner you seek professional medical advice and, if necessary, begin appropriate treatments, the better your outlook.

Back Pain

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