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Statistics for Back Pain

Statistics tell us that between 60 and 80 percent of adults will suffer from back pain at least once during their lives. Approximately 50 percent of all working people suffer back pain symptoms for at least some of time during any given year. Approximately 30 percent of people have had a back problem in past five years that has been severe enough for them to seek professional help.

In fact, back pain is a very common reason for health care visits and sick leave / missed work.

In addition, what is worrying is that incident of Back Pain is on the increase. Experts believe that a major contributory factor to this is modern tendency to lead a sedentary lifestyle, at both work and home. Spending long stretches of time sitting in one position - often with a less than optimal posture and/or back not properly supported - is not good for a person's spine or their health.

Back pain is much less common in places such as India, where many more people are used to sitting on floor, which is thought to allow the back muscles to find their own natural position.

Back Pain

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