Are we in for a new pandemic of Asian flu?

In 1957, a deadly disease called Asian flu killed around 1 million people to 4 million people. Various bodies give different numbers but even one can see that 1 million is a huge number of people. At that time, this Asian flu strain was contained and everything went well until October of 2004. During this year, American lab sent out samples of this very deadly strain of Asian flu to various labs all over the world. Here I am not talking about some few meager deadly samples of the Asian flu, but what I am talking about is 3,700 samples of the Asian flu. Are you paying enough attention on the all over the world part?

Now obviously the US is scrambling to try to fix this terrible mistake, they are trying their best to destroy all of these wayward samples of the Asian flu but, well, good luck to them. The labs were unaware that they going to be getting such a potentially deadly virus sent to them. So you may ask how did this happen?

There is a body called as the College of American Pathologists and what they do from time to time is send different viruses to labs all over the world. They do this so that these labs can test to see how good they are doing. The CAP is supposed to be aware of what they are sending out, though, it is only the lab which is receiving that is in the dark. Well, the CAP thought that they were sending out a regular old Influenza A virus but regrettably not so much. Instead, they send out one of the most deadly viruses in the human history: the Asian flu.

The point is that if this Asian flu has gotten out or if it does get out the world could be in big trouble. No one among us who are born after 1968 will be able to fend this Asian flu off at all, we all have absolutely no immunity to it, this means that the Asian flu will hit us very hard or worse than it did to the people in 1957.

Apparently, this whole Asian flu episode is some sort of misunderstanding, though the mystery of how this could have happened continues. How could 3,700 samples of Asian flu get send out into the world by accident? They were sent to places like Asia, the Middle East, North America and South America as well as Europe.

What casts fear into the heart of so many people who know about this is that these kits that were sent out were treated in the same manner like other test kits are treated which was a bad thing when what the kits contain is a deadly Asian flu. Extreme care and a high level of containment are required to handle these samples, which was not done in actual circumstances. As these types of kits normally contain something, harmless they were treated as such. This is not a good indication for us, the public when it comes to protecting us from the Asian flu.


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