The flu epidemic in Indonesia

In Indonesia, millions of people who live there have died because of a flu epidemic. Actually, it is quite sad that Indonesia in facing such a grim situation especially after what they have gone through during some of the previous years, but flu epidemic is a serious fact of the situation.

In order to control these recent flu epidemic millions and millions of birds have been killed in Indonesia. Nevertheless, in fact these birds are not only the ones responsible for this flu epidemic. Around seven people have died because of this horrible and deadly flu epidemic and it is expected that this number would increase significantly. Further, the experts claim that this flu epidemic is amongst the worst epidemic in history, not for the reason that it has killed many people but due to it is unhealthy prospective.

The extent of reach of flu epidemic makes it the mostly feared one according to the experts. This is very unusual that this flu epidemic is affecting all over the world at the same time. And the potential of this flu epidemic to mix with the regular flu is causing a lot of panic among the experts as then it will be known as the most killer flu ever to hit the earth. If these possibility is certain then we would looking at something more dreaded and terrifying than just a flu epidemic but something like flu pandemic affecting the whole world.

You should remember that in order to become a killer and deadly, what the flu epidemic which turned into a flu pandemic is required to do is only kill few people and infect a huge chunk of population. Thus among the vast population which is infected those who die will account for only a small percentage, but in absolute terms it will be a huge number of deaths. Hence, in Indonesia, due to this reason people are afraid about this recent flu epidemic.

In the drive against this flu epidemic not only the government of various countries but also some big pharmacy companies are actively participating in order to find the best and the most effective solution for this serious problem of flu epidemic.

Until then, it would help to you to keep yourself well informed about the flu epidemic. Many people have started their preparations to fight against flu epidemic but for most of the world, it is not an immediate cause of concern directly. So you need not panic the moment you feel cold or feel the flu infection and wonder that you have caught the flu epidemic now occurring in Indonesia.


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