Chicken flu FAQ’s

Experts have been forecasting for many years about chicken flu and at last, it is thriving just as they predicted. They surely deserve congratulation! Though, seriously death of hundreds of millions of birds all over Asia have been caused due to chicken flu and now the chicken flu has reached into Turkey and some say even into Russia.

The chicken flu is not only harmful to people but also to birds. Apart from millions of humans, millions of birds have also died because of chicken flu. Among those that were chosen not, all have chicken flu but were suspected of being at risk of catching it. The idea is that it is one of the ways for controlling the chicken flu and restricting it from spreading. However, this culling does appear to be helping in containing the chicken flu to some extent but it is still making headway.

So far, the chicken flu is spreading mostly through water flow. These birds are taking the chicken flu along with them while migrating and traveling around the continent. So insensitive!

Many people do not have the chicken flu but amongst the people who have caught the chicken flu, almost 50 percent of them have died. Mostly only, the people who have chickens have caught the chicken flu. Such people includes those who run a poultry farm, people who buy the farmed chickens and people who raise them for other reasons. In addition, people who work around chicken farmers in the market place have caught the chicken flu.

Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are the main places where the chicken flu is present. All of these places are hit by the chicken flu but some have a doubt that even China is also facing the chicken flu. Though China is not conforming these reports, it is quite capable of covering such things as they have done before by claiming that they are chicken flu free.

The possibility of catching chicken flu from another person is very rare. Thus far, person-to-person transmission of chicken flu has not occurred. The possibility of catching chicken flu is only if you are in direct contact with the birds and if you are not in contact with the birds; you are safe and need not worry about chicken fl, even if you reside in above-mentioned places. However, you should not take the issue of chicken flu very lightly and I am sure in the coming months and years you will hear increasingly about a chicken flu.


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