Does the killer flu have to be a killer?

Some experts are of the view that the killer flu is going to kill huge number of people around the world in the next few years whereas some other experts contest that in reality this may not be the fact. However, a vast number of people are of the opinion that the killer flu can be contained with little preparation and care.

The killer flu that is presently surviving is the killer flu of the bird variety. In addition, you should observe that this killer flu is affecting only those people who have come directly in contact with birds. There are not many instances where the killer flu has been transmitted from one person to another. If you live in North America or Europe or Australia and you do not come directly in contact with the birds then you need not worry about the killer flu for the time being as majority of killer flu cases have occurred in Asia

However, some experts claim that a killer flu pandemic can be kept away. According to the expert’s theory, if the killer flu epidemic is caught and contained in time it can be prevented from spreading all over the world.

Somehow, there has been as a minimum some success in containing the killer flu from spreading but for that millions of birds have been slaughtered to try to impede the spread of the killer flu. Thus far, it has succeeded in containing the spread of the killer flu and very few provinces are affected with this killer flu at present.

Thailand has been the preeminent at containing the spread of killer flu among the various countries that have been infected by the killer flu. This is made possible because of the maintenance of some sound killer flu protocols. For instance, they have appointed people throughout the country whose task it is to just observe for any person showing the symptoms of the killer flu. As and when they recognize these symptoms, they will arrange for the infected person to get appropriate medical treatment.

There are many people there whose only job is to keep watch and if the other countries could similarly catch hold of these types of volunteer, their cases of killer flu could be contained and prevented as well. This solution very simple to carry out and it is very cost effective and the finest element is that the killer flu can be observed for without the necessity to have doctors all over the place.


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