Are you eligible to get a flu priority shot?

Many people are eligible for a flu priority shot but most of them are unaware of it. Throughout the flu season, in order to stay healthy, people should get the flu shot each year. However, some people get the flu shot even before others and these people are said to be eligible for flu priority shot.

Healthcare workers and some other people in public can get flu priority shot. Before other people can get their flu shots, you have until October 24th to get your flu priority shot. There is no difference in the flu priority shot and regular flu shot. However, the word ‘priority’ of the flu priority shot just signifies that some people can get this shot before others to ensure that they actually get it.

There is always a high demand for flu shots and thus in order to ensure that those who really need it actually get it when it is available, and this is why they have established the flu priority shot.

You can get the flu priority shot each year if your age is above 65 years and you do not suffer from any chronic health problems, which would cause danger to your health. In addition, if you are under a long-term care facility you can get the flu priority shot every year.

Some other people are also entitled for the flu priority shot and they are as follows:

People falling between two years of age and 64 years of age can and should get the flu priority shot, If they suffer from health condition that would make the flu worse to them.

Small kids between 6 months to 23 months of age can and should get the flu priority shot because the flu may pose a great danger to them.

To keep themselves and their babies safe from flu and its side effects all pregnant women should get the flu priority shot.

Any person who is concerned with the healthcare field and who is exposed to patients are entitled for flu priority shot and in certain cases, it is mandatory for them to get a flu priority shot in order to continue to work.


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