Driving After a Heart Attack

It is not recommended to drive before 4 weeks after suffering from a heart attack or admission with Acute Coronary Syndrome.  However, if you managed to recover without any complications, your health care provider will give you medical clearance to drive after one week of your heart attack. But be sure you obtain this clearance; otherwise it could invalidate your insurance.

You do not have to inform DVLC (UK) about your illness unless there are any further problems, or question in your mind. But it’s very important for you to inform your insurance company about your illness. Also don’t forget to show them your medical clearance certificate to drive.

HGV or PCV / PSV, drivers (UK) are allowed to return to driving after three months on following basis:

    • In case of uncomplicated heart attack
    • If they do not have angina
    • If they pass an exercise treadmill test

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