Chest Pain is not always a signal of Heart attack

In our every day life we see when ever someone comes across the chest pain he or she starts relating it with heart problem. However the pain in the chest can happen due to several reasons, sometime reason can be any minor thing and sometime its life-threatening serious. Any one among all the organs in the chest area like heart, lungs, oesophagus, chest muscles, ribs, tendons or nerves can be the source of the chest pain.

Diagnosis of Heart attack

The common attitude towards the diagnosed heart problem is quite panicking and arises so many questions in patients mind like: 

  • What will happen now?
  • This problem is treatable or not?
  • Is surgery required or not?
  • Will I be useful again or I should stop working and remain idle and unacceptable to every work?

When you are trapped in the heart problem you use to face many new emotional ups and downs, because at the time when pain starts rising, you feel yourself going towards the end of the journey of your life. And the feeling of abruptly becoming useless and loosing grip on the future demolish your all life aims and goals welcoming the bundle of worries straight into your heart.

When you enter the sphere of this problem your family and loved ones come across anxieties as well. Alike your feelings they also want to get all the information regarding this disease and about your health’s future. In this situation the best idea is to join cardiac rehabilitation programmes. By this exercise you can find other people experiencing the same conditions and it will boost up your moral.

In the UK, the British Heart Foundation has a list of affiliated support groups and will be able to tell you how to contact your local cardiac rehabilitation programme.

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