Returning to Fitness and Activity

Consult your Health Care Provider

You may feel depressed or angry as you return to home. It is normal and is because of being hospitalised. In such situations, you should contact the support person who is following you up on your discharge from hospital. Although you will be given follow up appointments at the hospital after you leave. You should also consult with your family health care provider.

Visiting GP

During the first week of your discharge from hospital, you should send all the details of your stay in hospital to your GP. Don’t forget to take your discharge slip and medicines with you as while visiting him.

Regular Cholesterol Checks

You should get regular check ups of your cholesterol levels every 4-6 weeks after your discharge. In case of raised cholesterol level, your health care provider may suggest a check for whole family and keep on your regular check ups to maintain your blood fat levels.

Feeling Tiredness

You may also suffer from weakness during the first few weeks after discharge; which is the result of the damage of the muscles of your heart. But in case of excessive tiredness, increasing breathlessness or more frequent angina attacks, then you should immediately consult your health care provider.

Side Effects of Medicines

If you experience any sort of side effects from your medication, you should consult your health care provider. But do not stop the medicine yourself.

Never stop taking your medication without the advice of your health care provider!

Some of the medication may affect your blood pressure and for it your health care provider will probably want your checks every 3-4 months.

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