Sex and Your Heart Problems

Researches have shown that most patients safely resume their sexual activity after recovering from a heart attack. However, all patients don’t have the same psychological readiness and health conditions; so they all require their own time resuming their sexual activity.

Overcoming Fear

Most of the heart patients find it awkward to ask their health professionals about their fears regarding sexual intercourse. They have a fear that intercourse might cause chest pain resulting in another heart attack or even death. These fears are normal can be overcome by the assistance of your health professional. You should feel free to discuss any thought or fear that came in your mind.  With the guidance of your doctor, you would feel comfortable returning to sexual activity.


Researches have shown that the intercourse does not place more pressure than 120 beats per minute on your heart which is equivalent to any other physical exertion. Yet it is better to take all the necessary precaution measurements.
Extra-marital affairs are believed to exert more stress on the heart and may lead to another heart attack. On the other hand, in a stable relationship where the couple is familiar with one another and is more comfortable the risk of heart problem is minimal.

Talk to Your Partner

Returning to sex is a normal part of your recovery. However for the first few weeks of recovery, you may not feel the desire for intercourse. Don't worry about it. You should talk to your partner about the fears and feelings regarding sexual activity you could have after a heart attack. You may try different and new positions. You may ask your partner to be on top in order to reduce the exertion. Sometimes there is a need for patience and it's worth waiting until both partners are mentally and physically ready for it.

Consult your Doctor

You should consult your doctor if any of the following conditions appear:

  • Unable to enjoy the sexual intercourse due to angina.
  • Experiencing side effects of your medication such as impotence.
  • If you or your partner have any concern regarding your sexual activity.

Contraceptive pill after Heart attack

There contraceptive pill is believed to cause artery disease. The risk is considered to be greater in heart patients than the healthy people. So, you should consult your health care provider before starting or restarting the use of the contraceptive pill.

Remember to get the advice from your GP before starting the use of Viagra!

Advice on Sexual Activity

  • You should do it when you're rested and relaxed.
  • You should avoid doing sex right after taking meal.
  • There should be no interruptions of any kind.
  • You should take medicine before having sex.

Patience, sensitivity, and time can make your sexual activity a normal part of your life again!

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