Being a smoker it’s very tough to believe that smoking cigarettes is injurious to health and it becomes harder to believe when you are in love with your cigarette brand. Bad news for smokers is that the modern medical research proves that the smoking is the top notch reason of destruction of coronary arteries and of becoming heart patient.
Carbon monoxide and nicotine are the biggest enemies of the heart’s health and they disturb heart as…

  • Nicotine leads the body to produce adrenaline which increases the heart beat rate and forms cholesterol in arteries rapidly.
  • Carbon monoxide mix-ups with the red part of the blood known as haemoglobin and reduce its ability to carry oxygen to the heart and other parts of the body.  Another very important thing to notice is that nicotine and Carbon monoxide are one of the factors involve in blood clotting.

Facts and Figures about Smoking!!!

  • Smokers are at very high risk of having heart attack.
  • Cigarette smoking also creates disease in leg arteries due to which patient feels pain in walking (Claudication) and other various problems.
  • Some smoker use filters with their cigarettes and think that its less harmful now but they are wrong cigarettes with filters are equal harmful like cigarettes without filter.

If you have gone through the heart attack condition then it is very essential for you to stay away form smoking, failing to do so can lead you to another heart attack.

Passive Smoking: -

Passive smoking is the type of smoking you use to do unintentionally like when a person sitting close to you while smoking a cigarette, by this you inhale smoke unintentionally. Passive smoking is equally harmful as direct smoking. Heavy passive smoking must be avoided because it also can cause angina and heart disease.  

Majority of the smokers accept the risk of heart disease present in smoking and they wish to quit smoking. But it’s difficult for smokers to quit smoking easily and due to that they intentionally cause more damage to themselves. The only way to healthier heart is giving up smoking and healthier heart means healthier you and healthier environment.

Here are some of very useful tips to quit smoking: -

The most important and the foremost thing to quite smoking is to decide a quite date and stick on it and do it.

  • Note down the time and moments you have urge to smoke like when stressed, when out with friends at nights, while drinking tea or coffee, when feeling bore or while driving etc…
  • Keep a complete track on these moments and time, also preserve the time record on which you use to have cigarettes with you.
  • Now choose the type of activity you want to do on the times you use to smoke. For example if you use to smoke while drinking tea, now you should drink coffee instead of tea, if you use to smoke while depressed now in depression state take a light walk, like this decide the alternate activities and remember to remove all the ashtrays form your sites.
  • In the smoke desire act like smoking with a straw or pencil.
  • Inform your family and your colleagues about your plan to quit smoke, in this case they act like a powerful reminder for you and also you will avoid smoking in front of them because they know your plan and will ask for implementation of your plan.
  • As a preparation of quitting smoke start to reduce your cigarettes daily quantity before quit date.
  • Now near to your quite date get rid of all the things that remind you of cigarettes, like smelly cloths etc.

Other useful tips to say quit: -

You should enrol yourself in smoke cessation programmes like in hospitals, health departments, community centres and visit frequently on the places offering this kind of programmes.

  • Consult your health care professional to start an appropriate medication to fulfil your body desires created by regular smoking.
  • Go for nicotine patches, gums and sprays to fulfil its desire.
  • You can also try hypnosis (not in all cases).
  • Avoid all situations in which your smoking urge becomes intense.
  • Also exercise is a great tool to reduce urge to smoke.

QUIT Help line Number (in the UK): 0800 665 544

You may get connected to the Health Information Service, which provides complete counselling and support service for those wishing to give up smoking.

Remember smoking is bad for your heart. Cutting down is not enough; you should quit it!

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