Acupuncture for High Blood Pressure

Normal Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of the blood vessels. The blood pressure of a healthy, middle age, adult human is approximately 120/80 millimetres of mercury.  Normal blood pressures in humans vary with age. Older persons usually have higher blood pressure because of a decrease in the elasticity of the walls of the arteries. Females usually have lower blood pressure than the males at the same age.


During pre-hypertension, usually the blood pressure rises from 120 to139 over 80 to 89. If you are suffering from pre-hypertension, you are at more risk to develop high blood pressure. But it does not mean that you’ll definitely have it. You can prevent it by changing your lifestyle and controlling your low blood pressure to normal.


Deposition of fatty material on the inner wall of arteries slows down flow of blood. It forces the heart to work harder and makes the blood pressure higher than normal. This condition is called hypertension.

Effects of Hypertension on Body

During hypertension, your blood pressure rises to 140/90. It is very dangerous for the heart and can damage it. It can also damage blood vessels in the brain which may cause crippling or a fatal stroke.

Who is affected by High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure can affect any one whether male, female, young, or old. However, according to recent researches; people over 45 years of age are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

Rate of High Blood Pressure

In U.K and U.S, one in every five is suffering from high blood pressure. Usually, the rate of high blood pressure is more in men than women.

Cause of High Blood Pressure

There is no known cause of high blood pressure; even many people remain undetected for many years because of no significant symptom. And when they came to know about it; it is too late! So, you should have a regular physical examination to check blood pressure.

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

After the detection and confirmation of high blood pressure, it can be treated. But the treatment is likely to be life-long. Even if blood pressure returns to normal, regular checks of blood pressure is very important. You should never stop your treatment suddenly without the advice of your health care provider.

This silent yet dangerous condition can be treated but with a life-long programme of supervision, prevention and protection!

Methods of treatment

High blood pressure is very dangerous for health and should be monitored, treated and controlled. It can be treated in the following ways:

  • Medication.
  • Changing lifestyle.
  • Eating a diet low in sodium.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Loose weight.
  • Reduce intake of alcohol.
  • Combination of both.

Results of Untreated High Blood Pressure

If left untreated, high blood pressure can be very dangerous and may result in:

  • Cause a stroke.
  • Causes the thickness and enlargement of heart.
  • Results in the outgrowth of heart muscles and may lead to angina, heart failure and heart attack.


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