5 Health Benefits Of Lavender

Lavender! The name brings to mind a soft, refreshing aroma. But lavender also has many health benefits. Although lavender has been an important ingredient in many traditional health recipes to treat sickness, but it is only now that the awareness about its benefits is catching up with people. Given below are 5 health benefits of lavender:

1. It relaxes the body and mind – Most of the body and massage lotions use lavender as a prime ingredient. This is because it has the property of relaxing your mind and body. Lavender contains a compound called linalool that de-stresses the mind. Adding 6-8 drops of lavender oil in your bath will relax you. Alternatively, you can also apply lavender oil after a shower.

2. It promotes deep sleep – With a fast paced life, sleep is becoming elusive. Lavender oil has properties that promotes sleep, relaxation, improves mood and enhances concentration. Yes, you may even order hgh pills for these benefits but natural ways are always the best. Right? You can either spray a few drops of lavender oil on your pulse points or use it as aromatherapy to have a deep and undisturbed sleep. According to Alan Hirsch, neurological director of Smell and Taste Research Foundation, the smell of lavender produces alpha waves in the brain that promotes sleep.

3. It reduces hair fall – In a study conducted by the University of Maryland, people suffering from excessive hairfall were asked to use lavender oil. After 7 months, these test subjects reported regrowth of hair.

4. Detox your skin with lavender – The environment is full of things that are not good for your skin. The pollution, dust and grime make your skin dull and lifeless. Use a lavender body wash to wash away this pollution and the grime. It is supposed to make your skin glow with health and youth.

A study by Johnson & Johnson also found that lavender contains antioxidants. As a result, using the lavender body wash improved coarse skin by making it smooth. It calmed the irritants acting on the skin.

5. Using lavender as a love potion – Men who used lavender found that they were more sexually aroused and were able to satisfy their partner better. The herb is not a love potion but is very effective all the same.

Use lavender in your life to promote a healthy life. The herb is natural and therefore, safe to use. You can use it as massage oil, in perfumes, powder or for aromatherapy purposes. The results are just amazing.

Rhiana Jones is a health expert and a freelance writer. In her free time, Jones loves exploring fashionable accessories. Recently, she came across a great site to buy sexy superhero Halloween costumes 2012.