Garlic – Miraculous For Health


There are many natural food substances that have gained the reputation of providing a lot of benefits to humans, among them is garlic, which is used as medicinal purposes even by the physicians.

Medicinal Action and Uses

Introduction: There are a lot of medicinal uses of garlic that will be listed in the following paragraphs:

Effective Remedy For Disorders: The effective remedy for the different clinical conditions include skin disorders, erectile dysfunction, low libido, improving memory, improving the complexion of skin, strengthens the bones and joints, improving the digestion and bowel movement, as well as useful for cardiac diseases.

Antibiotic Properties Of Garlic: Apart from having such wonderful medicinal properties as mentioned above for the different medical conditions, the garlic also holds the antibiotic properties and is also known as the nature’s antibiotic. It is also very effective against the yeast, viral and fungal infections. The garlic is also known to be effective against anthrax.

Garlic Used As An Expectorant: Garlic is also used and known for its expectorant properties. It is also being used for the patients who are suffering from asthma and helps improve the health of the lungs. Garlic is also used very effectively in whooping cough.

Garlic Reduces Cholesterol: Garlic is considered to be a marvel for the patients who are suffering from the cardiovascular diseases. It works on lowering the cholesterol level as well as triglycerides. Apart from that, it also inhibits the sticking of the platelets together, which decreases the coagulation phenomena. Another very good function of it is that it works to lower down the blood pressure and also has the anti-oxidative properties.

Garlic Lowers Down Blood Pressure: Garlic just decreases the pressure off of the small arteries and lowers the blood pressure.

Garlic Works For Digestive Disorders: Garlic has the potential of improving the peristaltic movement of the digestive system and enhances the secretion of the digestive juices. It also improves the infection of the intestines and helps to remove the intestinal worms.

Garlic Functions As An Antiinflammatory: Since garlic has the antiinflammatory properties, it helps to improve the migrainous conditions, as well as working at best for the arthritis and the other inflammatory conditions of the body.

Garlic Protects From Skin Disorders: Garlic just detoxifies the blood and helps reduce the minor skin infections.

Garlic Fights Against Cancer: The studies that have been conducted to see whether the garlic works on reducing the risk of cancer and it has been seen that it works effectively on reducing the formation of carcinogenic compounds and hence reduces the risk of esophageal, colon and stomach cancer.

Garlic Is An Effective Remedy For Erectile Dysfunction: This is another very important property that garlic possesses and helps improve libido and erectile dysfunction. It improves the blood circulation to improve the erection. An enzyme known as nitric oxide synthase, which is responsible to stimulate the production of erection is being produced in more quantities because of garlic.

Role Of Garlic In Pregnancy: In pregnancy the women go through increased hypertension and this condition is known as pre-eclampsia. There have been studies that have shown that garlic eases off the blood pressure in the pregnant women.

Role Of Garlic In Herpes: Garlic is also known to be helpful in treating genital herpes and also reduces the risk of outbreak herpes outbreak.


Garlic can be a very helpful companion in a person’s life, which can help prevent a lot of medical problems and thus will ensure a healthy life overall, which will then impact positively on the mental and emotional well being.

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Effects Of Sleep, Nutrition And Health On Life


Living our lives in a fast paced world, there are a lot of people who fall victim to health issues because of lack of sleep and poor nutrition. The individuals tend to lose balance in their daily requirement of sleep and nutrition because they do not find enough time to maintain a balance.

Reports From Latest Researches:

There have been latest researches that have been conducted to see as to what are the effects of lack of sleep on health. It was noted that the individuals who sleep less than six hours a day are at high risk to suffer from diabetes. It was also found by the researchers that the lack of sleep inhibits the production of a hormone that is responsible to suppress the appetite. Because of this the individuals who have less sleep tend to eat less and thus have a detrimental effect on their health.

Suggestion Of Professionals:

The professionals suggest that it is necessary that the individuals must take at least from six to eight hours of sleep so that the individuals can maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a healthier life. They also suggested that it is important that the individuals follow a specific pattern as the body will follow that pattern as well, but if there are abrupt changes in the routines of sleeping or eating habits, then the individuals will have see a negative impact of it on their lives and would have to suffer its aftermath.

What To Care For:

The researchers suggest that it is not wise to have large meals before one is going to rest. It was mentioned that eating before bedtime will cause a feeling of fullness in the morning when the individual wakes up as well as can cause them to suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is really important that we should watch as to what we eat because it is directly going to affect our life and we can see its impact in a matter of days.


As a last word, I would say that it is really important that we should know that sleep and nutrition is really very important aspects of our life and a proper balance in them is going to help us achieve a better and a healthier life, which people dream of. We generally do not understand the value of health until we become ill and see how important it is for us that we stay healthy and enjoy our life.

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A New Trend In Food, Vegetarianism


At this day and age a lot of people have become conscious regarding what to eat and what not. Diet plays a very important role in our health and we need to select the foods, which will help us to stay healthy and live a healthier life. These days people have become aware that they should not eat food that is very high in meat and must eat foods that are lighter and are more balanced.

The Changing Trend To Vegetarian Diet:

These days a lot of people are coming to know the benefits of the vegetarian diet and have found that really effective in keeping them healthy and helping them stay fit. The vegetarian diet is also preferred because it is pretty much cost effective. There are a lot of people who have switched their diets from meat to a totally vegetarian diet and have found a great deal of change in the way they are spending their lives now.

The Different Groups Of Vegetarians:

There are about five groups in which the vegetarians are being divided into. The one group of vegetarians are the ones who would eat white meat but would not eat red meat. Another group of vegetarians are ones who will not eat any meat products at all but would have the dairy products and also have eggs. Then there is another group who does not eat eggs, as they consider egg as flesh since it is being considered as embryo. Another group of vegetarians who eat grains, cereals, as well as vegetables and fish. They believe that the flesh produces a lot of toxins in the body and hence do not want to ingest it. The last group of the vegetarians is that who do not eat flesh at all and are known as true vegetarians.

Benefits That Vegetarians Have Over People Who Eat Meat:

There are a lot of benefits that the vegetarians have over the people who eat meat. Since meat has the most component of proteins, the proteins are being broken down into toxic metabolites that are then being neutralized by the liver and are excreted by the kidney. The meat along with the protein component also has the fat part in it and thus causes the increase of the triglyceride and the cholesterol component in the body, which is very harmful for the heart as well as the blood vessels. The vegetable diet on the other hand poses no such threats or hazards to the individuals and focuses on keeping the individual healthy.

Diet Choices Can Help Prevent Obesity:

If the individuals select vegetarian diet, it would not only prevent them from many harmful effects on health but would also definitely prevent an individual from having increased amounts of weight gain, which in turn lead to a lot of health problems. Therefore it is best to select vegetables as a source of diet because it will keep the health problems away from you and will make you and your life better, healthier and happier.

Try To Balance Your Diet Even If You Are Having Vegetables:

It is really important that you keep your diet balanced because there are some components that are missing in vegetarian diet, therefore it is pretty important that you consult your nutritionist and do take the multivitamins and the diet that covers up the loss of proteins and fats as well because if it is not balanced then it can lead to health problems.

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A New Hope For Couples With Infertility Issues


There are a lot of couples throughout the world who are going through infertility issues, where either the female or the male can have problems in their reproductive system that can be the cause of infertility. Till now the most common method that the people have been using to achieve pregnancy has been in vitro fertilization, which is also known as IVF. Now another method is being introduced known as NaPro Technology (NPT) which has proven to be successful and has been cost effective that assists couples to start their new life. Another very important thing is that NPT restores fertility, which allows the conception to occur naturally.

Effects Of Infertility On The Lives Of Couples:

The desire to have a child by a couple is very overwhelming and this leads them to go through different mind phases such as grief, depression, sadness and the couple both try to strengthen each other through these times, but the suffering increases as the time goes on and the patience runs thin, which in turn leads to a stretch in the relationship. This can also lead to desperation and these couples then use desperate measures such as going for in vitro fertilization also known as IVF without understanding what this procedure is. Some couples find it beneficial but for others this process does not work at all and they get more aggravated with time and their hope falls down.

Research Before You Try To Opt For Any Procedure

You must research on the different procedures that are there before you opt for any one procedure. Lot of people spend on IVF procedure as well as its other form known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection also known as ICSI. Now another new technique that has come in the market is the NaPro Technology, which means natural procreative technology, in which both the medical and the diagnostic technologies are directed towards achieving the pregnancy the natural way through intercourse rather than the other procedures as mentioned above.

Why To Choose NPT Over IVF:

1. Focus Of NPT: The focus of NPT is on the disease to find as to what is the reason that the couple is not achieving pregnancy. This is the first thing that is being worked on. In IVF, the cause of infertility is not being looked into much and the cause is almost totally ignored.

2. Success Rate: It has been mentioned in the medical journals that the NPT has 1.5 to 3 times more success rate than the IVF. There was a study that was conducted over a four year period on about 95 couples who had been in the NPT program and had been trying to conceive for about 6 years had about 176 attempts that failed. The Artificial Reproductive Technique reported that there were about 123 conceptions. There were increasing success rates with the couples staying longer in the NPT program.

3. Higher Risks Of Multiple Births With IVF: According to the ART data, which was conducted from 1983 till about 1986 showed that with the transfer of embryos which were about 3.2 per woman ended up in 81 live births. From this data it was concluded that it required 16.9 living embryos to give birth to one child. When there are higher cases of success reported in IVF means that there is a higher risk of multiple births.

4. Killing Of Child In The Womb: Since there are a lot of chances of having multiple pregnancy with IVF, the women are required to selectively kill the additional babies in the womb.

5. Difference Of Mode: In IVF the sperm and ova are being fertilized and then placed in the womb, whereas the NPT program just follows the natural process to achieve the pregnancy.

6. Cost Effective: Another very important difference between the NPT and the IVF is that NPT is more cost effective than the IVF procedure. The median one cycle of IVF costs about $9226. On the other hand, the NPT costs approximately $9,290, which includes the evaluation by a physician, the hormone and ultrasound, as well as outpatient surgical treatment of infertility.

7. The Outcomes Of Pregnancy: There have been growing concerns with the procedures of IVF and ICSI, as it is being noted that the children who are being conceived with this procedure are likely to have a birth defect at the end of the first year of life. The birth defect is about 8.6% to 9.0% with IVF and ICSI than the 4.2% through the natural procedures.

8. You Can Get Pregnant Again: With the NPT you can get pregnant again through the natural way while on the other hand with IVF or ICSI, the process of planting in the embryo is the only way to get pregnant again because with these processes the cause of infertility is not corrected.


You must go through all the available options and then select the one that you think suits you the best according to your budget and with the guidance of the doctor. We pray that you will have all the health and happiness in your life.

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Red Wine Best For Periodontal Disease

According to a latest study, red wine is good for health. The red wine works in preventing and treating the inflammatory periodontal disease. Periodontal disease occurs mostly in older people.

According to a survey, periodontal disease affects about 65% of the Americans who are over the age of 50. The dental disorder, periodontitis, occurs as a result of progression of gingivitis, which includes inflammation and infection of the ligaments that provide support for the teeth.

Furthermore, periodontitis is an infectious disease, which is progressive and affects the gums and bones that form the supporting structures of the teeth. This then leads to loosening of the teeth and they then move and are ultimately lost.

The experts notified that there are 80% of Americans who are suffering from some type of gum disease, which can be present in a very mild form, which is gingivitis or can be pretty severe, which is termed as periodontitis.

When the inflammation of the gums is left untreated, which is known as gingivitis, then this leads to the development of periodontitis. In this, the infection and the inflammation spreads from the gums and involves the ligaments and the bones that support the teeth. When the support is lost, the teeth eventually fall out.

It is also noted that in adults the major cause of loss of teeth is due to periodontitis. This disorder is rare in childhood but increases in adolescence. There is also a problem with the formation of plaque that accumulates at the base of the teeth. When the inflammation occurs, it forms a pocket between the teeth and the gums, and then the plaque and tartar fills in this gap and the plaque is then deposited in them.

With the progression of the inflammation, there is destruction of the tissues and bone, which surrounds the teeth. The plaque contains the bacteria and because of it there can be development of the tooth abscess due to which there is increased bone destruction.

The products that contain polyphenols have been shown to have very positive effects on the periodontal disease and according to the recent studies, the red wine particularly the grape seeds have the anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties and they prevent the heart disease as well.

The researchers have found out that the polyphenols present in the red wine have the antioxidant qualities. In periodontitis there is increased production of the cytokines by host cells that is caused by the periodontopathogens, which is said to be responsible for the destruction of the tissues that support the teeth and the macrophages play a major role in the inflammatory response.

Thus with this study the anti-oxidant properties of polyphenols present in the red wine can be very useful to prevent and treat the inflammatory periodontal diseases along with the other disorders that are related to involve free radicals.

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Oral Cancer Detected By Saliva Based Tests

There was a research conducted by the American Association for Dental Research and they said that it would be possible to diagnose the oral cancer and the Sjogren’s syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease that presents itself with the symptoms of dry eyes, dry mouth and rheumatoid arthritis, would soon be able to be diagnosed with the saliva based tests.

The researchers said that if they are able to detect the cancer at an early age, for example a cancer detected at stage 2 rather than stage 4 can increase the survival rate of an individual to about 5 years. It not only would increase the survival rate, but would also provide an individual with a much improved quality of life.

There were about 350 individuals whose saliva samples were tested, who were suffering from the oral cancer and healthy individuals. It was found that the seven messenger RNAs that are used to develop proteins were increased in the individuals who were suffering from oral cancer.
It was on these findings that the researchers were able to develop a test that was fairly accurate in detecting oral cancer.

It was also stated that the tests would be very useful to screen the individuals who are at risk of developing oral cancer, smokers and alcohol drinkers and individuals who are above the age of 45 years.

The researchers found that the saliva of the healthy individuals could be differentiated from the individuals suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome due to the presence of varying concentrations of proteins.

It was also stated that this test would allow the physicians to diagnose the patients more easily, allow them observe as to what happens to the salivary gland of patients suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome, as well as to develop treatment to control the disease.

In order to diagnose the Sjogren’s syndrome, it requires biopsy of the salivary gland and that has to be sometimes repeated. The researchers have been hoping that there could be a way that Sjogren’s syndrome be diagnosed in a non-invasive way and this can be possible now.

The researchers used different tests to measure the protein profiles in saliva from the normal individuals and 41 individuals suffering from primary Sjogren’s syndrome.

The results showed that the inflammatory proteins that were about eight, have increased about two folds or higher in the saliva of the patients, while other two proteins were decreased. The researchers believe that nourishing these proteins in the artificial saliva will help to treat the symptoms of dry mouth more effectively.

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Increased Cases Of Diarrheal Disease On Cruise Ships

These days there are a lot of cases of diarrheal diseases being reported on cruise ships than were the cases in the 1990s.

There were statistics reported that showed that the incidence of the gastroenteritis in a seven day cruise has increased from about two cases from 1990 to 2000 to about three cases between 2001 and 2004.

There are excellent health practices on cruise ships, as well as high a very high level of inspections to maintain a very proper hygiene, but the gastroenteritis that is likely linked with person to person spread of illness is caused by norovirus is something that is very difficult to prevent.

It was also stated that this problem can be in other traveling modes such as airplanes and trains in which there is a high density of travelers. According to the statistics, there were about 16 cases of people per 100,000 who were suffering from gastroenteritis among the passenger in the cruise ships in 2000, which was an improved figure of 29 cases per 100,000 passengers in 1990.

But in 2002, there were about 29 outbreaks, which was a much high figure than before.
The researchers mentioned that the ships were performing really well even on inspections that were unannounced and were doing at best on the health inspections throughout the time when the study was being conducted with about half of the ships scoring above 95 on a scale of 1 to 100.

The researchers stated that the increase in the cases of the gastroenteritis has increased because of the prevalence of the norovirus. This virus is found commonly in the regions of Europe and North America.

The norovirus is the most frequent cause of gastroenteritis and the symptoms that it causes include diarrhea and vomiting. The virus is spread from person to person contact, through contaminated food or water or through coming in contact with the contaminated surfaces.

It is also stated that there is about 1% less chance of contracting the viral gastroenteritis while the cruisers spend an average of about seven days at the sea. It was also stated that the best preventive strategy that can be done to prevent this illness is to wash the hands using the hand sanitizers so as to prevent contracting this illness.


Antidepressants Linked To Health Problems In Newborns

According the latest research, the women who are taking the antidepressant drugs that are known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, who are pregnant or are willing to become pregnant must discuss their situation with their doctors because of the risks that these drugs pose to the baby.

They also added that the SSRI treatments must not be stopped prior to getting a consultation with their doctors, as the individuals might have an adverse reaction because of that, which is potentially serious.

The antidepressant treatment with the SSRIs should only be continued if the benefits outweigh the risks to the unborn child. It can also be considered as to switching to the other treatment option or stopping the treatment altogether.

The different antidepressant drugs that are prescribed to treat depression are as follows, which include Wellbutrin, Celexa, Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, Effexor etc.

The researchers suggested that the SSRIs when used during the second half of the pregnancy can cause persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. The newborns who suffer from this condition do not receive enough oxygen in the blood and then they are admitted in the intensive care unit for the treatment to survive.

It has also been found that the babies who are born with these conditions is six times more in the babies who were exposed to SSRIs than the babies who were not exposed to this drug.

In another report it was also mentioned that the children who were exposed to SSRIs and other newer antidepressants during pregnancy could develop serious complications at birth. There is an increase in the overall risk of the major birth defects that has also been associated with the SSRI use.

The researchers stated that the side effects that occur due to the marketed products can be managed with the active participation of the health care professionals as well as the individuals who are using the medicines.