Little Known Ways to Overcome Addictions

Many of us struggle with some form of addiction. Many people’s addictions are very serious and very life altering. Their addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc have lead them down a road that is very difficult to turn around on. For these people, many times they need to seek professional help to assist them in overcoming their addictions.

But for most of us, our addictions aren’t nearly as serious. We’re not addicted to serious substances like alcohol, cocaine, cigarettes, etc. For us, our addictions are to sweets, or shopping, or watching tv. While not serious, life altering addictions, they may still affect us. We may not be extreme enough that we need to seek professional help or enter a treatment facility, but they still have gotten to the point where we know we need to make some changes.

For us, there are many options that can help us in overcoming these addictions. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Find a Hobby

For many of us, if we’re not struggling with a serious addiction, all we need is a distraction. Something that will keep our minds off of our addictions. If we are busy with something else more productive, we might not feel as many urges to eat, shop, get online, etc.

Finding a hobby not only provides us with some much-needed distractions, but it also helps us fill our time with something maybe a bit more productive. That can help improve our self confidence, which can also help us get over our addictions. Many times these types of addictions are caused by self loathing… we use them as a form of self-medication and distraction. So, if we can fill our lives with things that bring us joy and make us feel like we’re accomplishing something, we can work to overcome some of the feelings that might have lead us to the addiction in the first place.

Get a Pet

A pet is another great distraction. It gives us something to be responsible for; something that might become more important to us than the addiction. On top of that, pets are a great way to bring joy into our lives, and to help us feel companionship and less alone. So, if some of those negative feelings helped lead us to the addiction, this unconditional love that a pet brings could help us to overcome those feelings.


If you’re not an animal person, there are other things that can bring you joy, responsibility, and more fulfillment. Find opportunities to serve. This may be with your close friends and family, as well as throughout your community. Every community has many needs and programs for you to assist with. Find opportunities to serve. This will help you to reach out and think of others than yourself. This will also help to provide those much-needed distractions from your urges and negative feelings.

Set Goals

Sometimes all we need are goals. These can be short term, as well as lifelong goals. These goals can help to provide us with more perspective; with a bigger picture. They can also help us to see what we are missing out on because of our addictions. Set goals, both large and small. Recognize when your addictions are getting in the way of you reaching your goals.


Reading provides more than just a distraction from your addictive urges. It also provides you with education. This can be especially helpful when trying to understand what you are feeling, and how to overcome it. There are many books out there written on ways to overcome addictions, specifically on things like the 12-step program. Your addiction may not be extreme enough that you feel you need professional help or to join a group for it. You may just need some education on what steps you can take to overcome your addiction. Find a book(s) on overcoming addictions, and/or books on the 12 step program. Then use this learning and these steps to help you overcome your addiction.


7 Exercise Tips That Really Work

On your journey to lose weight and reclaim complete health, it is essential to get proper guidance on the best diet and exercising techniques that will assist you reach that goal quicker and somewhat easier.

There are many weight loss products like phenq and programs out there to confuse just about anyone, so here we are peeling off all the unnecessary stuff and bringing you 7 simple exercising tips that will work magic for your mind and body.

1.Mean to lose Weight: This is the most important and also the most ignored aspect of weight loss. By really letting it sink in that your weight loss plan is a must-do, you engrave it in your sub-conscious, which in turn fills you with all that energy and motivation you need to do some real work in the gym. The best way to get yourself to really take your weight loss plan seriously is to ponder on the benefits it will bring you, then immediately follow that up with a picture of how things would be if you don’t exercise. This is crucial because a lack of motivation has been one of the most common reasons why people don’t get the results they expect in the gym.

2.Do Some Real Exercise: Walking is good and is actually one of the best ways to give your body a thorough workout, but unless you plan to walk for long hours every day, do some other grueling exercise. Exercise works to make us lose weight by breaking down the fat tissues in our bodies and turning them into muscles. When we choose exercises that aren’t demanding enough, the muscles are not worked up to the point of breaking down the fat tissues and therefore there is little progress. I suggest you add some basic weight lifting to your routine to get some results.

3.Workout Intelligently: Most of us are so determined to lose weight that we hit the gym and don’t stop for long hours, almost every day of the week. I’m sorry to inform you that you may actually be doing more harm to your body than good. Losing weight is a gradual thing, you want to give your metabolism time to adjust to your routine and let your muscles completely recover before you tear them up again. 2-3 days’ rest in a week can do a lot of good to your body.

4.Get a Partner: Like every other thing in life, exercising is a lot more fun when done with other people. They not only motivate us but also challenge us to work harder. You exercising buddy can be the best source of advice and would also be the first to tell you when you are progressing.

5.Make it Fun: It is really difficult to exercise when you aren’t feeling it; but this is a normal experience for everyone who is regular to the gym. The truth is that you are bound to become bored of doing the same weight lifting and treadmill routine every day for the next 2 months. So you must spice up your work out, take a long distance bike trip or visit the local gym and play with what they’ve got from time to time. The change of scenery is bound to do you some good.

6.Eat Right: I know it sounds like a cliché, every other exercise column tells you to eat only ‘green’ low calorie stuff to reach that perfect size. Well, it is actually true; the fat you are trying to burn off is the result of some bad food choices you made in the past. It is important to solve this root cause by structuring your food to supply just what your body needs before you go dripping sweat on every gym equipment.

7.Be Patient: This is the most difficult part of exercising for newbies. They want perfectly flat stomachs and bulging biceps just after some days in the gym, but it never happens like that. Results take time to show on your body, it is like saving in your piggy bank, and you need some time for the muscles to build themselves and completely burn the fat tissues before major results begin to show. The goal is to remain motivated and appreciate the little improvements all the way through.

Choosing to lose some weight is a commendable decision which has tremendous benefits for your health and productivity. Hopefully, these 7 steps outlined above will make your routines more fun and rewarding.


What Are Radiation Burns?

Causes of Radiation Burns

When skin is exposed to radiation, often a burn occurs.  The worst four types of radiation are ultraviolet light, radio frequency energy, thermal radiation, and ionizing radiation. 

There are certain radio frequencies that are absorbed into the body and become changed to heat.  The FCC mandates that anything above fifty watts must be monitored and evaluated by radio stations. Ionizing radiation gets in the body, changes and damages cells, and causes redness, or erythema, which is a burn.  Uv radiation is most prevalent, and is better known as a sunburn.  

Types of Radiation Burns

Prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation often results in radiation dermatitis.  It usually happens to patients going through radiation therapy.  Acute radiodermatitus Red patches show up on the skin and blistering can occur, too.  Chronic radiodermatitus  shows up months to years after ionizing radiation exposure.  This is often seen in radiologists and technicians who were constantly exposed. Sometimes women who get cobalt radiation as a cancer treatment get eosinophilic, polymorphic, and pruritic eruption. 

When the redness, blisters, and lesions begin to fade, radiation acne may occur.  Also, months or even years, after radiation treatment, if someone needs chemotherapy, they may have the symptoms of radiation dermatitis reoccur. 


As you can see, there are different types of radiation burns and causes.  Whether a cancer patient, a radiologist, or a scientist, if you or a loved one is suffering from them, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Quick, lukewarm showers are best.  No hot baths
  • Do not rub yourself dry, only pat.
  • No icepacks or heating pads on treatment areas
  • No exposure to sun
  • Loose fitting cotton clothes are best, and so are cotton sheets

 Here are some other helpful tips.  Use an electric razor if you are allowed to shave.  Do not put any skin care products on before radiation treatments.  Use fragrance free moisturizers and other products.  Be sure to keep hydrated, and use moisturizers and lotions.  These will help your skin not to crack and itch.  If you need a bandage, do not use any adhesive ones.  You don’t want to cause any more damage.

So, in closing, there are things to do to help you or your loved one who may be suffering from radiation burns.  These helpful tips, along with products especially formulated to help radiation patients, may provide a higher level of comfort in difficult times. 


How To Use HGH To Build Lean Muscle

HGH and your body

The structural build up of a person depends upon a number of factors right from hormones, to genes. Hormones play a major role in the overall physical development of the body. Human Growth Hormones play the most magnificent role here as this hormone drops with age. The drop in the HGH in the body increases the fats and decreases the muscle mass. The use of HGH supplements has proved to give some excellent results where the building of the body mass is concerned. The use of HGH supplements is found to be more prominent amongst sports persons, body builders and gym trainers as these supplements are known to promote lean body muscles.

Major functions of HGH

Known to control all the major functions of the human body it is associated with the repair and regeneration of the cells and tissues in the body. The function of this growth hormone is to constantly monitor the cell count and help in regenerating it so that the functioning of the immune system goes on smoothly. HGH is known to increase the bone density in the body by absorbing the calcium from the blood stream. Its function is also to increase the metabolic activities of the body thus helping burn the extra fats accumulated in the body.

Working of HGH for a leaner muscled body

An increase in the metabolic activities of the body leads to increase in the stamina and energy level of the body helping burn out more fats thus building a leaner but firm body. The excessive fats get converted into energy as the metabolic activities of the body increases thus dissolving all the unwanted fats in the body.

Exercises and HGH supplements are inter connected

HGH supplements do not help increase the muscle mass of the body directly. The use of these supplements along with a regular regime of exercises brings about the desired results of a lean muscled body. Weight lifting, jogging, cycling are some of the best ways to increase the muscle mass of the body giving you a lean body. Regular regime of exercise along with HGH supplements boost the level of HGH in the body naturally as these supplements are known to increase the secretion of Human Growth Hormone naturally in the body. Increase in the level of HGH in the body increases the metabolic activities of the body.

Metabolic activities are known to help burn out the extra accumulated fats in the body thus generating more energy. This energy leads to a lean muscled body. Use of HGH supplements helps the body without giving raise to side effects unlike other chemical or for those steroids which are known to have some harmful side effects on the body on a long period of time.

HGH supplements are available in the form of pills, capsules, sprays, injections etc but none of these are known to cause side effects.

Natural ways to Increase the level of HGH in the body

HGH supplements are known to help you build a lean muscled body but then you can also increase the HGH level in the body naturally by leading a stress free lifestyle, following a regular regime of workouts, following a healthy diet and taking ample of rest and sleep. Thus not only these HGH supplements will help you, you can help boost the level of HGH in your body naturally too.


Are Compression Garments Beneficial to Weight Loss

There are many ways to get the most out of your fitness plan. For example, you may choose to restrict your intake of unnecessary calories, supplement your diet with protein or creatine powder, or work out first thing in the morning when you can the most energy. One controversial method people use to squeeze the most out of their weight loss regimen is wearing compression garments. Although people have been wearing these tight-fitting articles of clothing for centuries, it’s debatable as to whether or not they actually aid the body in burning fat . . . or if they simply make the body appear slimmer. Are compression garments beneficial to weight loss? The best way to approach that question is to assess the claims held by compression garment “science.” Read on to learn more:

Water Weight Loss

It is a long-held belief than compression garments help you lose weight in the areas they cover because they promote increased sweating. Of course, this is true. The more clothing you wear – and the tighter it is – the more you are going to sweat. As your body loses water from sweat, it naturally loses weight. Some people report dropping as much as 5 to 7 extra pounds per workout due to compression garment usage. However – and this is the important part – that weight loss is temporary. The moment you consume water to replace the water you lost, your body puts that weight right back on.


Micromassage is exactly what it sounds like: massage on a very small scale. Some medical doctors claim that compression garments actually micromassage those stubborn fat deposits while you move around. While there are some scientific studies that seem to support the belief that micromassage can improve the appearance of cellulite, there is no solid proof that micromassage leads to weight loss. More importantly, there is no solid proof that compression garments provide micromassage on a substantial enough level to accomplish any of the claimed benefits.


The most obvious immediate effect of wearing compression garments is the illusion of slimness. It is obvious how compression garments accomplish this, and some doctors would have you believe that this also equates to weight loss. However, there is no supporting evidence that the compression factor of compression garments can actually help you lose weight.

As you can see, there are a lot of claims backing up the supposed weight loss benefits of compression garments, but very little evidence supporting those claims. When it comes down to it, the only surefire way to lose the weight you want to lose is through diet and exercise. Should you include compression garments in the mix? That’s for you to decide.


HGH Promotes Cardiac Health

FDA and Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone, also known as hgh, has been the subject of a number of scientific studies. So far the conclusions of those studies has been very clear about its benefits. It has been shown to better the bodies fat composition as well as help its ability to grow new lean muscle mass. It has also been shown to have very positive effects on the skin and basically reduce the signs of aging.

The department of health and Human services has a division known to all as the Federal Food and Drug administration who’s purpose it is to over see the products that the population is exposed to. This include such things as foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices.Before any product can be approved by them there are a variety of test to make sure they are safe for the public at large. Hgh falls under their jurisdiction.

Although hgh has been shown in studies to have many benefits they still only allow its use for certain situations. These would include:

  • A deficiency in the amount of human growth hormone
  • A chronic renal deficiency
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Turners Syndrome
  • Cachexia

If used for purpose other than listed above the FDA can seek a remedy including a fine or imprisonment.

Why is FDA regulation of HGH important?

The long and short of the answer to that is its interest in public health. The Food and Drug Administration is merely following its mandate.The numerous studies that have been conducted are not in dispute, but the FDA requires a very large sampling for the study to meet their guidelines. As of yet, the studies so far have been too small to meet their criteria.

Furthermore, there are still concerns about the possible side effects of hgh. These would include an increased susceptibility to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer

The ban also keeps companies from selling the product as a cure-all fountain of youth.

FDA approved products: HGH Injections

Even when used for FDA approved uses, hgh still requires a prescription from a doctor to make sure the product is being used for what it has been approved for and as directed. Some of the product they have approve are:

  • Omnithrope:-This is a bio-produced mostly used for children lacking hgh or in adults that are have problems with their bodies manging hgh
  • Saizec hgh:- This is also prescribed for children when muscular injections are not an option, They are shots just under the skin given at bed time.
  • Humatrope:- Unlike the others mentioned, this is a synthetic product. It is freeze dried and used to treat girls with Turner’s Syndrome till puberty.

FDA approval for Supplements, Pills and Sprays

Consumers need to be carefull, however.Many products might say approved but what does that mean? If they are marketed as merely a dietary supplement they do not undergo the same scrutiny that a drug will. In this case you will want to make sure the are produced in GMP labs. They maintain a tight quality control over what is produced there. It does not mean that it is FDA approved however the development and production was strictly monitored.

It should be remembered , however, any hgh injections be of an FDA product under the supervision of a physcian.


Ways to Find Relief from Five Common Symptoms of Menopause

Every woman will go through menopause in her lifetime, and chances are, she’ll face at least one of these five symptoms. While some women are troubled by menopausal symptoms and seek more extreme treatment to gain relief from the symptoms, other women may not find these symptoms too much of a burden at all. Each woman is different. Whether your symptoms are relatively insignificant, or if they cause you greater discomfort, below you can find a few ways to relieve five of the most common menopausal symptoms.


Treating and Coping with Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are considered the most common symptom of menopause. While these might cause you great discomfort, there are many ways to find relief from these hot flashes so that you can keep living your life normally. Importantly, try to notice what triggers your hot flashes. It is common for spicy food, alcohol, caffeine or high levels of stress to induce an uncomfortable hot flash. Once you realize what dietary or environmental triggers are responsible for your hot flashes, try to avoid this trigger. Other good options are to dress in layers and simply remove the layers of clothing when you experience a hot flash, or keep a fan beside your bed or workplace. If the hot flashes are still a great discomfort to you, and these options offer you no relief, speak to your doctor about Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) or prescription medication.

Fixing Sleep Issues and Insomnia

Difficulty sleeping through the night is another common symptom of menopause that many women face. In order to find relief for menopausal insomnia, try to avoid having caffeine in the afternoon, and avoid alcohol around bedtime. Both of these disrupt your sleep patterns. It is also advised that you keep your bedroom at a cool temperature, dark and as quiet as possible for an optimal sleeping environment and that you live an active lifestyle during the day. If these options do not cause relief, speak to your doctor about your difficulties sleeping for other options.

Finding Relief from Unexpected Mood Swings

With all these changes to your body, mood swings are not uncommon. Getting enough sleep and exercise will help ease mood swings, while relieving stress in your life will also help control mood swings. Support groups may also offer you relief, as it provides you with the opportunity to speak with women who are going through exactly what you are.

Making Sure Menopause Doesn’t Interrupt your Sex Life

Vaginal dryness is another common symptom that accompanies menopause. However, this doesn’t have to negatively affect your sex life. Over the counter water-based lubricants or moisturizers will offer you quick relief.

Dealing with Forgetfulness or Memory Loss

Some women notice increasing forgetfulness when they reach menopausal age. It is important that you are getting enough sleep and that you are doing enough exercise each day. Some doctors also recommend mental exercises, such as crossword puzzles. However, if the forgetfulness and memory loss persists, see your doctor.

Menopause doesn’t have to halt your life and the symptoms don’t have to be unbearable. There are ways to deal with each symptom and find relief. In addition to relieving these symptoms naturally, such as exercising, getting enough sleep and managing hot flashes, there are alternatives. Speak to your doctor about low dose oral contraceptives, prescription medication or Menopausal Hormone Therapy if the symptoms persist uncomfortably. There are always ways to find relief from menopause symptoms.


Tips to Battling Stress without Breaking a Sweat

Everyday of our lives we are subjected to stress – be it due to our career, family, or other personal endeavors. There are a lot of factors that can potentially cause us stress, and if we are unable to prevent it from worsening, we may fall ill, consequently falling short of the tasks and responsibilities that are expected of us. Fortunately, as inevitable as stress may seem, fighting it is actually possible. The common misconception, however, is that it takes going the extra mile and spending the extra bucks to be able to reduce the stress levels in our systems. While there may be a little truth to that, it is not always necessary. There are, as a matter of fact, ways in which you can battle stress without having to bend over backwards.

Where does it start?

The most common trend in attaining rest and relaxation nowadays is to head to the nearest spa clinic in town. There, we can avail of services that will rejuvenate all of our senses, relieving the body of any mental or physical stress. However, hitting the spa can be an additional inconvenience especially if there is no spa clinic available in your area; another thing is that it can also be an additional expense which may not be too enticing for the cost-cutters. The good news is that attaining the same rejuvenating experience we get from spas is possible in our very home.


Running a warm bath after a hard day at work is also an easy way to soothe the mind and body. Try dropping by at a home décor shop on your way home and grab some scented candles to light up in the bath. Aromatherapy is one of the most effective methods to soothe the mind. Warm water is also good for relaxing the muscles, thereby providing a calming effect on the body as well. In addition to this, you may also add in some essential oils to the water to further enhance its calming effect on your muscles.

What water fountains can do

Imagine reaching home from a nerve-racking, mind-boggling, and stress-inducing day at work and the moment you sit back on the soft, cozy couch in your den, you are at once transported to a relaxing atmosphere that will rid you of the day’s cares. Installing a large wall fountain in your living room can be a great way to add a de-stressing feature in your home. The trickling sound of water produced by large wall fountains is a very common component of the relaxing ambience in spa clinics, which you may enjoy even without leaving your house. This one-time investment can go a long way and will surely make your stressful days a tad less tiresome and draining.

Movie session

Another way to reward yourself after work is simply by watching a good movie alone or with someone whose company you enjoy. Make sure your movie selection is great for unwinding and will not further aggravate the stress your brain is already going through. Feel-good movies such as romantic comedies are a great pick for any de-stressing movie session.

Tea time

Tea time is also a great remedy for stress. Invite your best friend, your mom, or your partner to a catch-up session in your house. Tea has been found to have rejuvenating effects so don’t take that bag of tea for granted. And of course, laughter has been dubbed to be the “best medicine” so be sure you get your daily dose of that too. Having a good, relaxing time with someone you love will surely free you of any worry or stress.

 Hitting the sack early

Getting enough sleep is a surefire way to fight stress. Health experts say that at least 8 hours of sleep nightly is required to regain the energy that was expended during the day. If you spent the last 12 hours whipping out backlogs, answering long phone calls from clients, and wringing your brains out on a foolproof business plan, then rewarding yourself with a long, deep, night’s slumber is always a good idea. Chug a glass of warm milk before hitting the sheets as it will help you sleep better.

Keep a playlist of your favorite tunes

With today’s available technology, it can’t be too hard to keep a record of your favorite tracks and tunes. May it be classical, blues, or some other type of music that sends a relaxing effect to your mind, make sure that you have kept a playlist in handy to lull you from stress to rest on those days.

It can be quite overwhelming how easy it actually is to keep stress at bay even without having to drive to the nearest spa clinic. While these aforementioned tips are great stress-busters, you can be resourceful and experimental by exploring other methods that are just as effective.


Male Enlargement Pills that Work for You

The market is filled with products that claim penis enhancement. Invigorise makes a product that delivers that and even more.

We live in a society obsessed with size, bigger is better. Who has the biggest house or the biggest car? Who takes the most grand vacation at the biggest resort? It is all about size to us now. Is there any reason that that would not creep into our bedrooms as well? Women have been getting breast implants for so long now that it is even considered minor surgery and can sometimes be done as an outpatient.

It makes sense then that this trend has followed men into the bedroom as well and produced a flooded market of products to enhance a man’s “presence” in the bed. They make lotions and oils and even little vacuum pumps to achieve this. The pharmaceuticals companies are not a set of people that like to be left behind so they have come up with quite a few products as well. Some of these products just focus on arousal, like Viagra, while others promise to make you last longer or to grow you in size. With Invigorise, there is now a product that does all of these and does it without drugs, in a natural manner. Can these products deliver what they promise?

From an anatomical look, making a penis capable of being bigger is not that difficult. It is simply a matter of making the Corpea Cavernosa cells stronger and able to handle more flow. The Corpea Cavernosa cells are the ones in the penis that cause an erection by filling full of blood during arousal and grow bigger if you never feel totally aroused. What you need is for both to happen at one. This means being fully aroused so that the penis gets the blood it needs to grow fully erect at its new size.

Now no company should try to claim that they can add inches just by popping a few pills. That is the same type of thinking that makes diet pills sell so well and in the end the results will be similar. You will only truly loss weight on diet pills if they are part of a bigger solution that includes exercise and a dietary shift. The same is true of penis enhancement pills. To get the best results it needs to be part of an overall solution that includes things like exercise.

The invigorise folks have done as much as they can for you. They have developed a pill that uses mostly herbal extracts that allows your penis to grow larger, they added extracts that help make sure you penis is working, they added even more to help with arousal and libido, and even add more for increased mental clarity and focus. Basically, they have given you the tools you will need for a better love life; it is up to you to use them. Like everything else, it is up to you to step up to the plate and take control of your life and reach your own goals.


First Aid for Bug Bites – How to Keep the Itch Down

Getting bitten by a bug, no matter what kind it is, can be painful and irritating. The initial bite can hurt, and the lingering bite can irritate your skin causing it to itch. Most of the time, an itchy bug bite will cause you to scratch at it, but this will only further irritate your skin and make the bite take longer to heal.

If you really want to cure an itchy bug bite, then you’ll want to use the following remedies.

Put ice on it.

As soon after the initial bite as possible, you want to make sure that you put ice directly on the bug bite. Not only will this help to reduce swelling, but it will also help alleviate the itch. The numbing effect from the ice will also keep you from scratching at it once the ice has been removed.

Use deodorant.

Look at the label of your deodorant. If it contains aluminum chloride, roll it across the area of the bite. The aluminum chloride in the deodorant will help reduce the swelling and the itching of the bite, and you can apply it whenever the bite starts to itch.

Use hydrocortisone cream.

There are many different types of hydrocortisone cream, and any of them will be very effective in helping to reduce the itch of your bug bite. Simply place some of it on the bite directly and rub it in.

Use calamine lotion.

Calamine lotion is a tried and true method for the chicken pox, and it can also help with regular bug bites. Like hydrocortisone cream, make sure to apply calamine lotion directly on the bug bite and rub it in.

Make a baking soda mix.

Combine baking soda and water to make a paste and place the paste on the bug bite. Although you’ll want it to sit there, the baking soda is a great cleaning agent and can help keep the area from becoming infected and help reduce the itch.

Use vinegar.

Place a dab of vinegar on a cotton ball and press it against the bug bite. Vinegar contains ingredients that will reduce the swelling and redness of a bite as well as reduce the itch.

Break out the honey.

Honey is a natural antibiotic, and placing a dab of honey on a bug bite will keep it from itching. This can get messy, though, so you may want to place a bandage over the honey to keep it from getting on your clothes.

Use toothpaste.

Peppermint flavored toothpaste is also a great remedy to alleviate the itch of bug bites. Put a tiny dab on the bite and allow it to harden.

Cut your nails.

You’re going to be tempted to scratch, and if you have long nails, you could end up cutting the skin around the bite, allowing it to become infected. If you think that you will succumb to scratching the area, make sure to cut your nails. This will make it hard for you to scratch, and it will keep you from infecting the area.