Exercise Program Treating Depression In Elderly

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Depression is a problem through which a lot of individuals are going through and that if we see around ourselves, we will see that there are a lot of individuals who are going through the feeling of depression and it is something that is eating them up really bad and these individuals just slowly shut themselves up and just go through isolating themselves from their surroundings. This negative behavior just makes the people go through a lot of misery inside them and it is just that they do not share and are not involving themselves into any activity. The community that is getting really affected from the clutches of depression are the elderly and in this article we are going to discuss as to how beneficial the exercise is to treat the depression. It has also been found that the middle aged and the elderly group also seem to get a whole lot benefit in their cognitive abilities through exercise.

Another very important finding that was seen through the exercise therapy was the significant improvement in the higher mental processes of memory and the functions that are termed as the executive functions, which include planning, organization, and multi-tasking of different tasks at one time. Therefore it was seen that the exercise not only lifts the depression but also brings a great deal of improvement in the higher mental processes and that is really an amazing benefit that the individuals can get from exercising. The researchers also added that the regions of the brain where they found true effectiveness of exercise were the frontal and the pre-frontal regions. The researchers also found that there were also benefits in the attention, concentration and the psychomotor skills.

The researchers added that with exercise there might be improvement in the decline in the cognitive functioning that is most commonly associated with the process of aging and that this is something that will need further studies to clarify this process and there will be definitely studies conducted to see the relationship of the effects of exercise on the cognitive functioning of the elderly. They said that along with seeing the cognitive benefits, it is also very important to see as to what are the different mechanisms that are involved in this process. Since the exact nature of the cause of improvement is not clear, it is believed by the researchers that this improvement might be because of the improved flow of oxygen rich blood to the specific regions of the brain.

The researchers said that they know that the exercise in general improves the ability of the heart to pump the blood and that it improves the contractility of the heart and it also increases the capacity of the blood to carry the oxygen. It was also linked to the said fact that that is why the elderly individuals have improved functioning because the blood flow as well as the oxygen carrying capacity increases to the brain and this is considered to be the cause of rapid improvement in the cognitive functions and health in the elderly individuals. The researchers added that since exercise improves the blood circulation to the muscles and improves the function of the muscles, as well as the tone, so it is thought that it can also have the similar effects on the brain.

There was a study that was conducted on exercise and depression, which is known as SMILE, which is an abbreviation of Standard Medical Intervention and Long-term Exercise. In this study the researchers have followed about 156 patients who were of the ages between 50 and 77 who were diagnosed with major depressive disorder, which is also known as MDD. These individuals were divided into different groups in which one group was doing exercise, the other was on the medication and another group was on a combination of medication and exercise. The exercise group was the one who were spending about 30 minutes in which they were riding a stationary bicycle or walking or jogging three times a week. The other group was the one who were using anti-depressant, which is known as sertraline, also known by the name of Zoloft and this is a very commonly used drug that belongs to the class of anti-depressants known as the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

The researchers found out after 16 weeks that the groups that were on exercise, antidepressant medication, as well as a combination of both showed that all of them had effective medication in treating major depression. The participants involved in the study were put through standard tests for depression, and they took tests to check as to what are the cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, concentration, as well as the psychomotor speed. It is to note that these tests were taken before they enrolled in the trial, as well as four months after.

When the results were compared from the 42 members who were selected in the exercise group with the 42 members who were in the medication group, they found that exercise had a very positive effect on the areas of cognitive functioning. These individuals who showed a lot of benefit to the exercise therapy were the ones who had mild depression. Those people who were suffering from moderate to severe depression were the ones who showed less improvement. The research has not stopped here, but the researchers are enrolling different individuals in another study in which the participants will be diagnosed as depressed and will be the ones who will able to exercise over the age of 50.

This research has proved great benefit to the elderly individuals and will open great avenues for a lot of facts to be unveiled so that a lot of individuals benefit from it. All these researches are a great asset and will be something that will bring hope to a lot of individuals.


Capacity Of Aerobics Exercise In Elderly

Aerobics exercise is becoming a major part of our lifestyle. There are a lot of people now who are understanding that it is really necessary that they spend some time during the day where they are exercising and burning their calories so that they are able to keep themselves fit and healthy. The aerobics is something that is not limited to any age or class and is a way of life that every one can adopt. It is so important for all of us to understand that without exercise we are just allowing our bodies to learn to live a lazy way and thus we will get fatigued easily and our bodies just do not have that capacity to perform the physical endurance that we think we have. You might think that you are a strong person, if so, then just run a kilometer distance, if you are someone who has not made his body tuned to daily aerobics exercise, you will see that your body will give up on you and you will be someone who just could not make up with the amount of physical capacity required to run that kilometer. Therefore you can see that you really need to think seriously about exercising. In this article we are going to discuss on the fact that the fitness level declines among people who are growing older, but if they are going to keep up with the exercise that requires them to burn their calories, they will be able to live a healthy and an independent life that they want to live.

It is a fact that as the individual gets older, they lose their physical endurance and they physical capacity declines very rapidly. The most important thing that needs to be realized here is that we can start living a healthy life so that we do not have a whole lot to catch up with in our elder years, but if we are a person who is living a lazy lifestyle where we just do not care about exercise right now thinking that we are physically very healthy then I must say that it will be whole lot work to do and it will be something that is going to worse and worse with time. These elderly people who are unable to do physical exercise are someone who have not spend much time exercising in their youth or are someone who have been gravely ill. Therefore it is really important for all of us to understand as to how important the physical activity is to all of us and that is why we should just put ourselves in because may be tomorrow we might not have that capacity to keep ourselves fit and healthy by doing exercise.

There are researches that are being done to understand the change in the aerobic capacity of the healthy individuals that range from different age groups 21 to 87. The data was analyzed on about 375 women and about 435 men. In this study, the participants who underwent the study did exercise on the treadmill about every four years for a median of 7.9 and this provided the researchers to analyze the variations on a very large time span. In these treadmill tests the participants’ aerobic capacity, which is the amount of oxygen that is being consumed by the body during exercise that is known as VO2, which was calculated during the treadmill tests. It was being found that the aerobic capacity just diminishes as the person does less physical activity and when they start to exercise, they walk slower and they just get more and more exhausted with the physical exertion.

When such things are being found in the elderly, it just clearly indicates that the elderly just cannot live their life on their own and that they would just feel fatigued very easily while doing their activities of daily living. During the treadmill tests, it was found by the researchers that there is a change in the aerobic capacity for each decade of age and that the aerobic capacity declined in each decade in both the men and the women, but the results were pretty stunning when it was seen in the older age groups. The statistics showed that there was a decline of about 3 percent to about 6 percent in the ages ranging from 20s to 30s and in the elderly there was a decline of about 20 percent in every decade in people who are in their 70s and beyond. If we see the age group of 40, the aerobic capacity declines more in men than women. In men they lost about 8.3 percent of exercise capacity in their 40s and about 23.2 percent in their 70s.

It was really striking to find that the individuals who were really active and healthy enough to walk on the treadmill showed a decline in the exercise capacity and the rates were quite high in the elderly individuals and it was really stunning that how these individuals really show a decline with age. The researcher stated that it is very important that the elderly people must understand the significance of aerobic capacity and that they should focus more on doing aerobic activity so that they are able to do their activity of daily living. The researchers also added that the elderly individuals should also participate in the fitness programs and they said that participating in the structured exercise program can turn out to be really helpful in the lives of these individuals and it will help these individuals a lot to get their life back and even though their capacity is decreasing, they are still able to maintain the capacity for that decade and will be able to decelerate the process of decrease in energy and capacity to some extent. The researchers added that decline in the muscle mass is also a very big cause in the decline of the muscle strength and that also contributes big time in the exercise capacity of these individuals with age and the exercise can help them prevent that as well.

It is really very important that the elderly individuals put in an hour or so or more every day so that they are doing the exercise that they need to do every single day so that they are able to live healthier lives and are able to carry out the activities of daily living. I believe with a healthy lifestyle the elderly would live a much better life. I would also like to share a website with all so that the ones who want to do aerobics can get a lot of help from this site. Best of luck to all.


Weight Gain Linked To Breast Cancer In Women

The researchers have been working to explore the links between the different factors and diseases and these researches have been proven to be very beneficial for a lot of people throughout the world and have been of great benefit to improve the lifestyle and adopt the positive lifestyles so that we all can be prevented from these diseases. This article is focused on a new research that tells us about the link between weight gain and breast cancer.

According to this study it was found that the women who have gained weight in their adult life are the ones who are at increased risk of developing breast cancer after they have gone through their menopause as compared to the women who were overweight since childhood or during their teenage years. This was also told that the women who were quite thin during their childhood years and were the ones who gained a lot of weight during their adult years are the ones who are at the risk of developing breast cancer and this was very concerning as there are a lot of women who are gaining weight in their adulthood and were very thin in their childhood years.
Since increased weight has known to be the primary cause of a lot of problems, which includes coronary artery disease, diabetes, degenerative joint disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, etc. Since all these problems arise from increased weight, we must do some remedy to put a check on our weight in terms of stopping it where it is and preventing it from the increase and curb the extra calories that we eat. It is very important that we all take the problem of weight gain very seriously because this can just lead to disastrous outcomes in our life during the later years and at that we might not be able to handle the situation than we can now.

The researchers say that they have known for long as to the fact that the obese women in their adulthood are more prone to develop breast cancer. The question that arises in the mind is that why does obesity greatly increases the risk of breast cancer in the women after menopause, the researchers say that they believe that there is excess of adipose tissues in the obese individuals and it is these fat cells that start to produce the estrogen in the women who are obese. Another fact that needs to be discussed here right now is that “estrogen greatly increases the risk of breast cancer.” It is also being added that there is decrease in ovulation of the women who are overweight and that ovulation is a cause that changes the breast tissue and it can increase the risk of breast cancer.

The researchers added that it was of great importance to know that when in life does weight gain becomes a risk factor for postmenopausal breast cancer. The researchers collected the data from 3,345 women who were from the ages of 50 to 74 and were the ones who were suffering from invasive breast cancer and they then compared these women with 3,454 women who were of the similar ages and did not have any breast cancer. The researchers contacted these women and collected a lot of data from them through different parts of the country and interviewed them on the phone and asked different questions so that they have the complete information so as to compile the data for the research. They also asked them about their weight at different ages so that they could make reliable charts and graphs to assess the link between weight gain and breast cancer.
It was found that the women who were lean at the age of seven were the ones who were at the greatest risk of developing breast cancer than the women who had been obese at that age. It was also found that with the weight gain after the age of 18 was also a very strong predictor of breast cancer risk after the menopause. It was also found that the women who became menopausal at their early ages say 20 years earlier and who had gained weight of about 66 pounds since age 18 are twice as likely to develop breast cancer than women who have maintained their weight.

The researchers also added that if the women who have become obese in the later years are in the worst situation and are the ones who are at increased risk of developing breast cancer and they also added that the best way to reduce the risk is that one should maintain the weight because if these women go on increasing the weight, the risk of developing breast cancer increases and this process can just turn out to be very fatal. Therefore maintaining the weight or getting it lowered is the most important thing that is needed. There was another study in which it was suggested that the breast cancer in about one sixth of the post menopausal women can be averted just by avoiding excess weight gain as an adult. In another study the researchers also added that exercise can also decrease the risk of breast cancer to a great extent. Therefore it is very important that the women in their adult years who have been gaining weight must take a strong check of their diet and exercise and should know the relation of this with the breast cancer and must work on either maintaining the weight or decreasing it so that they can have a healthy life.

The researchers have added that the women who have gained weight through their life and especially gaining weight around their abdominal area are the ones who are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. There was also another research conducted in which there were 87,000 women ranging in the ages of 30-55. These women were being followed for over a period of about 26 years so that they could assess their weight change during adulthood. There were overall about 4,393 of the women who developed invasive breast cancer. The researchers brought to light the fact that the women who gained about 55 pounds or more since 18 years of age were about 45% more likely to develop breast cancer as compared to the women who maintained their weight. They also added that the women who gained about 22 pounds since menopause were also at an increased of the disease compared to the women who maintained their weight.

Thus by seeing all these researches and seeing the facts that are revealed through it, it is very important that the women must maintain their weight rather than gaining weight at an increased rate. It is very important that a lot of women must become aware of this fact and they should start to maintain their weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. I hope this article must prove beneficial to a lot of women who are going to read it and will gain benefit from it.


Sleep And Memory Relationship

There are a lot of new researches and technological advancements are being made so that we can learn a lot of things from them and know what are the things are affecting our lives greatly and how we can improve them. This article will be focused on the relationship between sleep and memory, as there are evidences that the sleep affects memory and this can truly bring a huge change in the lives of people who are complaining of affected memory. In this article we are also going to discuss the different phases of sleep and their significance so that we can better understand the sleep patterns.

We all know that our sleep has two phases, one is known as Non-REM and the other is REM, whereas REM stands for rapid eye movements. It is being understood that the rapid eye movement sleep is a phase in which there are a lot of functions that are performed, which include development and restoration of the brain, synthesis of the neuro-proteins, as well as the coordination of the eye movements. To better understand REM we can learn that it is a phase that of sleep that occurs late in the sleep cycle and in this the brain and the body both become pretty active and in this phase there is also increase in the heart rate and the blood pressure. You might have seen people who while sleeping are moving their eyes pretty fast and you can know that they are in the rapid eye movement phase. It is in this phase that there is increase in heart rate as well.

If there is EEG, which is electroencephalography performed in the individuals who are going through a rapid eye movement, we will see that there brain wave patterns are very much alike a person who is awake and in these waveforms are a lot of beta rhythms. This period of sleep is also known as the dream phase where the individual is seeing the dream and this is the phase where the most dreams occur. The scientists Roffwarg and Musio, as well as Dement were the first ones who suggested that the rapid and repetitive firing of the neurons during the rapid eye movement sleep is associated with the growth of neurons, as well as their development. This concept then lead the foundation of the theory of dynamic stabilization in which it was mentioned that the information, which is either inherited or learned is being consolidated during the repetitive firing of the neurons in rapid eye movement sleep, which can have the same effect on memory as function use. It was also being proposed in this theory that the rapid eye movement sleep also increases the activity of the circuitry in the brain that usually remains dormant during wakeful period and these memories are something that we do not think on a constant basis but these memories become alive in the rapid eye movement sleep.

The researchers have done a lot of experiments on animals to see the link between the rapid eye movement sleep and memory. In an experiment it was seen that the rats that were subjected to learn tasks demonstrated increased rapid eye movement sleep after the tests and this showed that the learning induces the rapid eye movement sleep and it was also found that the rats who were given the tasks to learn went into rapid eye movement sleep at a very fast pace and were the ones who had gone through extra learning trials. Therefore it was concluded that the rapid eye movement consolidates the learning.

There was another experiment in which the scientists just paired the audible tones during the rapid eye movements in sleep of rats and when these audible tones were played during their wakefulness periods it showed that the rats were displaying the same learned behavior and it showed that those tones became a part of the memory and were displayed during the wakeful period. Therefore the individuals who have deprivation of rapid eye movement are the ones who show lack in memory and also perform poor in the memory tests of recall and logical tasks. Therefore the students who go through extensive studying during their examination must have good hours of sleep so that the information that they are going through becomes a consolidated part of their memory and if they will not go through a good night sleep then they will find that their memory will be affected and the knowledge that they have been going through from the books will be affected and will not be structured as they had learned them and will be lost in patches and will not be completely consolidated.

Therefore there are very strong evidences through these experiments that sleep aids memory and when a person goes through learning information in a day and that is combined with adequate sleep, then that individual is more likely to remember that information for a longer period of time. There were a lot of other experiments conducted by different researchers and in an another experiment there were about 60 healthy individuals who were sleeping at night and these individuals were asked to remember about 20 pairs of random words that include blanket and village.

One of the groups were given time to learn from nine in the morning till nine at night and they were not allowed to take any naps. There was another group who were given the words and they started to learn them from nine in the night and were given a time till nine in the morning and it was found that the individuals who slept for the night were the ones who were able to simply outperform their counter parts. The statistics showed that there were about 94 percent of the individuals who slept for the entire night recalled the words accurately whereas the other group made to about 82 percent who were able to recall the paired words.

Therefore through these different researches it has been very clear that a lot of people who are experiencing a decline in memory must have a good night rest and they will see that their memory will start to get better along with time and they will see that they have actually made a great deal of improvement in terms of remembering things that are of great importance that we have to do every single day.


People With Longer Legs With Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

There are a lot of researches that have proven a lot beneficial to millions of people throughout the world and it is of great importance for all of us to go through the researches, which tell us a lot of amazing facts that these researchers find out through a lengthy period of time. There are some researches that take years till the final results are revealed. Today our article is focusing on a research that tells us regarding the relationship of longer legs with lower risk of heart disease. This was pretty interesting to learn that the length of the legs is related to heart diseases.

There was a study conducted in which there were about 4,000 women who were being selected to be a part of the study and the leg length of these women were measured, as leg length is a strong indicator of the diet and living conditions involved in childhood. It was mentioned by the researchers that there are a lot of factors that are related to heart diseases such as age, obesity, smoking, diabetes etc., but the researchers also said that the risk of heart diseases in women decreased by about 16% for every extra 4.3 cm in leg length.

In this study, the researchers took different measurements, which include height, leg length, trunk length, as well as weight of women whose ages range from 60 and 79. In this study it was also tested as to the lung functions of these women and also to determine whether these women used to smoke or not or are currently smoking, as well as their social status. Since the heart diseases have a lot of different risk factors that are known therefore it is very important that those factors should be determined so that it could be found that whether these women have been having any of these factors that are relating to heart diseases. There were about 700 women out of 4,000 women who had heart disease and about 700 had a history of heart attacks. These were the women who were found to have poor lung function tests, had high cholesterol levels and were more insulin resistant and this factor of insulin resistance was something that can predict that these women can develop diabetes and these were the women who were from the middle class and were working women.

Even after considering all those risk factors, it was considered that leg length was also strongly linked the risk of developing heart disease in women. It was found that the women who had heart problems had leg length of about 746.2 to about 752.6 mm as compared to the healthy women whose legs were measured to about 757.5 to about 760.3 mm. The researchers also added that there were environmental factors that ranged from the birth to puberty and that they affected the growth of the bones of legs, which had a long term effect on future of heart disease risk. Another very important finding that was being mentioned was that breast feeding as well as high energy diets in early ages i.e. age of two years and the factor of being born in a family who have been unable to manage their finances and are ranked in the poor family can directly affect the growth of the child and thus it will continue to affect the health in a negative way until the nutritional status of the child gets better.

In the analysis it was also found that there was a direct link between the leg length and the intimal-medial thickness of the arteries, which is a measure of the thickening of the blood vessels that can tell the development of atherosclerosis as well as hardening of the arteries at an early age. The researchers also added that the walls of the carotid arteries were found to be thinner in the individuals who had longer legs, as compared to the individuals who had shorter legs and that these individuals with longer legs were less likely to develop the atherosclerosis in the blood vessels, as well as reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

Therefore the researchers said that the leg length was directly linked to the intimal-medial thickness. This amazing research has provided a great deal of information to us that gears us to know the facts that can cause harmful sequence of events that can be looked for at the earlier stages of life and that can be combated at earlier times and that a great deal of care and prevention can be put into play such as careful diet and exercise so that the chances of developing such factors that can cause heart diseases can be prevented.

I hope this article has provided you with a good fund of knowledge and thus you can take the measures that are needed to prevent yourself from harmful diseases that can affect your health in a negative way. You can also contact your physician to ask them about this research and ask as to what risk status you rest on so that you can get the right guidance in order to prevent the heart diseases.


Bionic Brains

There are a lot of people who are living their lives in a living hell where they are praying that they must die because there is no hope for them to be alive. These are the people who are going through an ailment of some kind where they are suffering through every single moment of their lives. It is just so frustrating to live a life where they just cannot see because of retinal detachment and they know that they will not be able to see because there is no known treatment to help them and there are people who know that they just cannot move at all after they suffered an accident where they had fracture of their spine, which left them paraplegic. To tell you honestly it is very easy to say all that but the ones who are truly going through these things, they are just suffering day in and day out and we just cannot understand how much misery they are going through.
It is really very encouraging to know that there are scientists and researchers who are working day and night to find the cure of the problems that have really just crushed the life of the individuals. This article is based on a new research that has found a hope for the individuals who have been paraplegic and this is a great breakthrough for the patients who had spinal cord injuries. The individuals who are quadriplegic are now able to open e-mail, can surf the different channels on TV and can switch on the lights just with their thoughts and it is possible with the help of a brain sensor that is being placed in the brain that just translates the thoughts into actions.

An individual was being attacked with a knife and due to that he was left paraplegic in which he was unable to use his arms or legs, but now since he has been implanted with the sensor in his brain, he can now draw pictures with the computer program and can also play video games, as well as use a prosthetic hand to grab onto things. Isn’t this amazing that the person who had no hope at all is now able to live a life where he is able to start living his life all over again, with learning the new ways that are being devised for him to live a life where he is not dependent and where he is able to communicate with a lot ease. This is a giant leap in the development of new technology and since this is a new advancement, there will be a lot of other technological advancements that will be brought in that would improve these sensors and will be able to provide such individuals with a lot of hope and capacity to perform the activities of daily living.

Before this technology was being used in humans, this was being tested in monkeys and in that there were sensors that were placed and the monkeys were trained to use their mind power to control the cursor on the computer and they were able to control the cursor and that just raised the hopes of the scientists that this technology really worked and it will bring back the lives of millions of people throughout the world who have been living their lives with no hope at all. The researchers are of a thought that this technology will take a lot of time to be available in the market and that there are still a lot of experiments that are needed to be done so that they are able to give the best version of the product so that people can have the maximum benefits from it and that this will not stop there and that there will be a lot of changes that will be done so that much better results can be obtained from them.

The researchers added that as of now the people who were paraplegic are able to use the computer with the sensors placed in their brains and to use their prosthetic limb to grab onto things, which is in its very early phases and that they are looking forward that these individuals just start to live a normal life and that everything can be done very smoothly. They also added that there are a lot of tasks that we do every day and we take all of that for granted. Do we know that when we lift an egg, how complex of a maneuver it is, but we just don’t know. This task becomes complex because there needs to be a very precise force that needs to be applied to lift the egg and if that precise force is not applied, then the egg will just break. They said that they are working on that as well so that these individuals can perform very refined movements as well.

This is a great hope that we have with this research knowing that one day there will be much powerful sensors that would enable these people to live their lives in a totally normal way and this was something that was not present before and people had no hope at all, but now people have hope and they know that they can do something about it. The individual who received the brain sensor was able to activate the motor cortex even after three years from being paralyzed and this was something that was really interesting for the scientists and they are hoping that people who have been paralyzed for longer periods of time can have a new life with these sensors and will be able to live a better life. It was also being added that these sensors will not only be helpful for people who had severe spinal cord injuries through which they had been paraplegic, but it would be useful for those who are suffering from damage to the muscles, nerves, as well the individuals who are survivors of strokes and also the individuals who are suffering from the muscular dystrophy.
Where this research is a big hope for all of the people who are suffering, it has its negative aspects as well. The sensor that is being implanted in the brain can work for a few months and since this is being implanted in the brain, it requires a surgical procedure to take that sensor out and then placing back a new one or recharging the same one and these are very big tasks that need to be worked on.
The things which were thought to be science fiction are now a reality and that is a big hope for the people who are living a life dependent on others where all of their dreams were just lost in hopelessness can now have a life full of dreams and thanks to all the researchers and scientists who are working on them through day and night to bring such an excellent breakthrough to all the mankind. Special thanks to all of the researchers and scientists.


Women Must Not Work Long Hours

In every society whether it is North, South, East, West, women are playing a very major role. We do not have to go anywhere to see all that clearly, we can see that all in our homes where a woman is working for so many hours each day. The day starts in the morning when the children are up, fixing the breakfast, take the kids to school, doing the chores, going to a job, picking up the kids from school, coming back home and fixing the lunch for the kids, help them finish their homework, planning on what to cook for dinner, and so on till the kids go back to sleep and the women have been seen working for almost the entire day where they just are able to get a sleep of about only five to six hours.

There was a recent study that shed light on the fact that women who work longer hours are more likely to get themselves into the habits of snacking, drinking caffeine, smoking, drinking, which is just due to the stress that they are in because they work longer hours and this puts a very negative effect on their life. This life pattern is something that just goes on and on till the kids are of an age where they able to take care of themselves and it is then the responsibility of the mother just comes to a little lower level and the work and stress on her end just goes down a bit. The women all over the world are in such routines. Some women are doing a job and some women don’t and the women who are not doing any jobs do find some time where they are able to find some time available to them and less stress, but again the responsibility of raising children is the biggest responsibility that the women are taken responsible for.

There are a lot of women who were being questioned as to what are the different things that they would want in their life so that their responsibility level just goes down a bit and they are able to manage the different things in a much better way. Most of the women said that they were not happy because of the fact that they are doing the best as they can but they do not hear a single word of appreciation and they are just being blamed for the different things that go wrong. They said that there are so many things that are on their mind but there is no one except them who wants to do them. The one thing that was coming out as a common was that the women were getting no help from their men and instead they were being blamed that the children are not being raised the right way, the chores are not being done the way they should, the food is not cooked and a lot of other blames that are being thrown on them.

Well if we see things from the aspect of women we will see that they are working long hours and that they are the ones who are suffering from a lot of abuse and that is affecting their life a whole lot for them to indulge into the unhealthy habits of drinking, smoking etc. It was asked from these women as to what are the different things that can be done so that the level of stress is reduced and they can adopt a healthy lifestyle and they said that they only need a pat on the back that they have done good and a little of help that can be given to them from their men and they said that it is all that they need because their lives have turned really sick with a constant bickering and they are even living in more stress and it is just that their patience is running thin with every single minute that passes by.

The researchers found out that the women who are working for longer hours are the ones who are eating a lot of snacks that are high in fat and sugar, and along with that they are exercising less and are drinking more caffeine than their counter part male colleagues who are working with them. One can say whatever the bad habits they adopt they are just going to go to the extremes of them and that they are just accepting their lives with whatever the bad patterns they have adopted with a denial that they need any change in that. On the other hand it was also found in the study that the working hours for men did not cause them to indulge into any bad habits and it did not impact on their level of exercise, smoking or caffeine intake.

The researchers pointed out that since the women are under a whole lot of stress, this just changes their behavior towards a lot of things and one of those things is their eating habits and this just tends to hurt their health in a lot of ways. It is also being said that men enjoy working longer hours because they get self importance through that and that they can say that they have worked longer hours so that they are unable to help with the chores, which just puts a lot of extra burden on the women. This is something that is very much affecting the lives of the women because they are just pushed under a whole lot of responsibilities and that they are unable to take care of themselves and this just puts a very negative effect on their lives.

It is also being said that these women when are too anxious or are emotionally labile, they just switch their attention from that aspect and put their attention more on eating so that they do not have to think of the factors that are causing them to be anxious. The researchers said that it is just a way for them to escape from the thoughts that they are going through and that is why they adopt these unhealthy habits because it is their way out.

I just want to send this word out to the men who are reading this article is that they need to put in as much as they can into helping their women because they need them and they should not be left alone because if they are left alone then they will see that it will have a negative impact on the entire family and it will only worsen things out and that will not be good for the children or the couple and this will just make the matter worse and will create a whole lot of distance among everyone.


Keeping Busy Is Good

We do hear a lot from our parents saying that we need to be keeping ourselves busy and we mostly say that we do a lot in a day, but we still hear from our parents that we need to fix our rooms, we should spend some time in a day to exercise and we have been saying to our parents that why do they stress that we keep ourselves busy throughout the day, we need some leisure time, but this is something that the research has proved that it is really important that an individual keep him or herself busy as much as they can. This does not mean that we overdo on things, but what it means is that we should spend a good amount of time in a day where we are just going through the physical work out and being on our toes for as long as we can.

When our parents used to say that we need to be physically active most of the day, I used to think that why do they say that, why do they emphasize on it so much that we keep ourselves busy, but when I read this research on the topic that keeping busy is good, I just remembered my parents saying those words and I felt that it is they who are right in front of me and saying that. When our parents used to say that we should work, in my opinion they were just trying to get us into a habit that we should be physically active and that we should spend a lot of time during the day where we are doing chores, going to gym, going out shopping etc. because this latest research says that being physically active is something that prolongs life and the people who are physically active during the later years in their life are the ones who have longer life span than the ones who are not physically active at all. It was also said that people who do shopping or walk their dogs when they are above 70 is something that is going to prolong their life because they are keeping themselves busy.

The study was conducted so that it could be seen that whether this hypothesis of keeping busy was right or not and for this reason there were about 300 elderly people who were being followed for a span of about eight years and the activities of their daily living were being recorded to see as to how they spend their time most of the day and it was found that that the elderly people who were keeping themselves active were the ones who survived during the course of the study rather than the ones who were not living with an active lifestyle. It was also mentioned in the study that the elderly individuals who were burning the energy from their body were the ones who were 67 percent less likely to die than the ones who were the least active. The death toll of the elderly individuals who were the least active was marked at about 25 percent and the rate of death among the individuals who were the most active was only about 12 percent and there was a big difference between the percentages of the two groups.

The researchers added that they were not emphasizing that the elderly individuals should go through an aggressive exercise program or spend a very upbeat lifestyle, it is just that they should be keeping themselves busy in activities that would keep them physically active and they enjoy that at the same time like walking the dog, taking walks in the parks, bowling with the peers of their age groups, playing nine pins etc. any thing that would be considered an enjoyable physical activity by them and among them there is one most important thing that is loved by women and that is shopping, even shopping keeps one physically active and helps the individuals to burn a lot of energy.

It was also added that if the elderly people have jobs that are absolutely according to their physical capacity would be very much keeping them healthy and in a lot better shape than the elderly who do not have any job at all and this just would have a very positive impact on their lives. The scientists also added that keeping busy can be graded as something that is next to life for them because there has been an increased death rate seen in the elderly individuals who have not been exercising. Therefore it is very important for them to be working so that their life is prolonged and they live healthy.

The researchers also added that this research can change the lives of so many elderly people because the most important thing is that they just burn their energy in tiny bits and pieces. It is not important that they just burn their energy at a very rapid pace but to burn it slowly and gradually by keeping them busy throughout the day in the activities that they like the most so that they are able to see a major difference in their life and see as to how important it is for them to be stronger and healthier at an age where they are going weak, where the different diseases and medical issues are just waiting to put them through a lot of pain and misery, and only just by burning the energy little by little every day can be just another name for life for these people.

The researchers also suggested that the elderly individuals who do not have any specific routine can just set themselves a specific course of activities throughout the day that they like the most with which they are able to burn their energy slowly and gradually. It is so important for these individuals who do not realize that activity is so important for them that it is considered as next to life, which is proven through this research by going through the death rates and following the individuals for about eight years, which is a long segment of time that showed that people who were keeping themselves active had lesser death rates than the individuals who were not active or were least active. So it is very important for them to organize their day and set a pattern of activities for them that they enjoy the most.

The researchers also suggested that the nature of the exercise is not strenuous at all and it is not going to be something that will be harmful for them but will be something that is going to keep them in better shape. The researchers also said that if the senior citizens have any doubts regarding the above said research, they can contact their family doctors and can get an opinion from them to see what can be best for them.

Another thing that the researchers added was that this study was not enough and that there will be still more studies that will be conducted so that they are able to find a lot of the other hidden aspects that would greatly benefit the senior citizens.


Humidity And Heart Attacks

There are a lot of things going on around us and we just do not realize as to how important of the data that we miss in each moment that is passing by. There are a lot of researches that are going on and are revealing a lot of important statistics that is helping us to understand as to how are the different things that are happening, what is the relation behind it and what effects is it causing on the people. In the research that we are going to discuss in this article focuses on how the weather affects the life of the people who are living in their 70s and above. There was a recent statistic that was being focused on the understanding of how the humidity causes heart attacks in the elderly individuals and that the humidity even affected them if they were living in the areas that have a milder climates.

In this research the scientists found out that the weather conditions in which there was high level of humidity in the environment, as well as the increased temperatures can increase the risk of heart attacks in the individuals who were of or above the ages of 70s. The researchers just put together the data of people who died who were in their 70s and along the side they put together the data of the weather conditions in the different months and then saw the level of the deaths that were reported in the different months and the statistics that were available were very alarming because it showed that the months where the weather condition was worse with a lot of humidity in the environment were the ones in which that there were most deaths were reported. The statistics showed that there were about 3,126 individuals who suffered from fatal heart attacks in the year of 2001 and out of these there were about 1,953 men.

The scientists put the figures down and found that the individuals who were above the age group of about 70s were the ones who were suffering the heart attacks that was about 3½ times higher in the month of June and this was about 7 times higher in the month of December when compared to the people who were in the other age groups. The scientists put down the levels of the humidity for the different months and compared the deaths with the levels of the humidity for the different months.

By putting down this data together it was found that there was a very close relation between the weathers with high humidity and the deaths reported in elderly. It was found that the deaths in the winter month were very high than the deaths in the summer and this change in the weather was directly connected to the elderly living in their 70s and over. When they looked at the data more closely they found that as the weather was getting warmer the death rates were coming down significantly and as the temperatures started to go down, the death rates started to climb again and this just made it so clear as to the relation of the heart attacks and deaths that were related to low temperatures and the humidity.

It was also found that the weather changes that were there for a short period of time did not make much impact, but the extreme temperatures did. The study also showed that the average temperature of a day was a better indicator than the daily temperature to deduct the effects of the temperatures on the elderly individuals and to determine as to what temperatures would be high risk for them. The temperature and the weather statistics were the basic things that were put down together along with the death rates because the fluctuation in these two variables was directly related to the death of the individuals and it was found that the death rates increased as the humidity levels rose when the readings were plotted in the graph. It was also determined that the month with the most humidity was the month of December and the month that had the least humidity was the August. This study was conducted in Athens and that the levels of the humidity in different months must be different in the different regions. So it is important that when these statistics are put together in the different countries, the accurate temperature and the humidity levels must be accounted for in that region so that the most humid months can be determined and there is a warning sign could be aired out so that the elderly people can take extra preventive measures to take care of themselves.

The researchers also added that this research is preliminary but it has opened a lot of avenues for the research to be done in this area, as the death rates are going very high in the months where there is high humidity and this needs to be controlled so that we can save the elderly people from dying with heart attacks and some thing just needs to be done regarding that. The best thing that can be achieved through this is that we can aware our elders and we can provide them with an environment where they are safe and not affected by the humidity so that we know that they are safe.

To all the readers who are reading this article, I would just like to ask you to discuss this thing with your parents and elders and tell them as to what was the finding of the different researcher who spent their day and night to find as to what are the effects between the temperatures, humidity and the deaths so that the elders must know that the months where there is increased humidity that they need to take extra care of themselves. I would really appreciate if you do that. Thanks.


Importance of Insurance For a Salary Class People

The chief reason and cause of concern for each and every salaried or remunerated public is that their whole family is dependent on his particular earnings. People who are simple earning person in the family have greater responsibility of the future of his family. Therefore at this stage the role of insurance becomes very important. The profits defense and life insurance as well health Insurance have great benefits for a salary class personnel. Each and every human being aspires to safe guard their esteemed ones from all types of risks and uncertainties in the up coming future. The truth is that the short of cash and frequent money can cause to a set of problems if there is no insurance being purchased at the correct time. Maintaining all these things in intellect common individuals obtain life insurance. The most important benefit of getting this policy is to receive of a fixed amount of money after a fixed time period or the death of the beneficiary’s family.

But now a situation anywhere an individual is not capable to perform his monetary activities due to of any unexpected sickness can be helped through the insurance company if the person has bought this policy. This type of insurance policy is called income protection. The basic principle involved in the functioning of income protection is the utilization of a monetary help when the person involved in the functioning of the business activities is not well or suffering from an illness.