How To Challenge Negative Speculations

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When does a thought begin to affect you? When it repeatedly creeps into your mind! It then takes control over your emotions and you start feeling low and depressed. Thoughts, especially negative ones, don’t need your permission to enter your mind. They come as they please but it is up to you to push them out.

Of course, if you fight them, it will only be that much harder to make them go. So, what can you do? Challenge them! Follow the tips given below to challenge negative speculations –

1. Take Charge of Your Thoughts and Feelings – It is so easy to tell yourself to take charge. But, how do you do this? Medical science teaches you to apply Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Test the negative speculations with reality so that the situation gets clear in your mind. You understand that these thoughts are meaningless.

2. Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts – Every negative thought is associated with a bad memory. So, when something triggers the memory, the thoughts return. Why not try to replace the bad memories with good ones. The result will be good memories and positive thoughts.

You can also practice affirmations to do this. If you have doubts that your husband’s love for your has decreased, practice affirmation. Repeat – I am happy in my husband’s love – as often as you can, till the sentence becomes a chant in your mind.

3. Seek Professional Help – One sure way to fight negative speculations is to seek professional help. You can seek the help of a hypnotherapist to help you release negative thoughts. They will work towards replacing the negative images with positive ones. Or, you can apply guided imagery to rid your mind of worries. Fight them back with positive thoughts and images and soon they will be a thing of the past.

4. Be In the Company of Friends – When you are in the company of your friends and peers, you will be able to forget the negative thoughts. Share your worries and unburden yourself. You will find that your load is lighter. It is also quite possible that you may find the solution to your problems.

5. Enjoy Life – Don’t keep brooding over your troubles. Enjoy life and try to engage your mind elsewhere. Read books, listen to music, go for long drives, watch a movie, do aerobics and others. There is so much that you can do to keep your mind occupied. Try out some of these options.

Negative thoughts may seem real to you when they occur. But, they are only as real as you let them be. Challenge their reasonableness and you will find that they are unable to face reality. They will vanish in the face of reality. Be aware of your thoughts as they come and go. Make a conscious effort to become aware of them. When they come knocking at your mind’s door, usher them in along with positive thoughts. You will be surprised at who manages to stay there.

Read quotes of great people wiser than you. You can find some awesome quotes here. Read them and follow them to challenge negative speculations.