Enjoy Espresso At Home – Read Gaggia Classic Pro Review

Classic Pro espresso machine from Gaggia. It’s a classic name in home espresso. Gaggia used the same old traditional brew head and portafilter and the three-way solenoid valve that steamed out the residual steam and water. These keep pressure and temperature consistent. This doesn’t allow coffee to get burned more with the stored water and steam. The gaggia classic pro review by the users show the popularity it has gained in the market.

Evolution of Gaggia classic pro

  • Vibrates less.
  • Professional metal steam wand with two holes unlike the old classic model with a plastic Panarello wand.
  • This model is made in Italy while the earlier model was imported to Romania.

Here’s a review on Gaggia Classic Pro 

 Brewing capacity

It has a pressurised basket and pre-ground coffee and its capacity is very sound. It has a low price point which grinds the coffee

High-pressure extraction by default

A pressurised basket makes the polling process if an espresso shot easier. This model pushes 14 bars to crush the coffee beans. It also comes with small springs and small tubes.

Temperature control

Hotter water makes coffee faster as compared to colder water. Therefore, temperature control is important. The thermostat inside the model is a physical block that expands with the warmth and contracts when it cools down. The light on the brew signals you whether the temperature is correct or not.

Frothing milk

This model uses a single-boiler espresso machine which means water used to brew the machine is drawn from the same compartment as that for the milk. For brewing the coffee, 90° – 96° C us sufficient but frothing requires much more. The pro wand has a much more controlled frothing process.

User friendly

With this model, you can simply switch on the button and be a multitasker at the same time. You can easily fill up the water tank which has a capacity of 2,1 litres.

Maintenance and cleaning

It requires cleaning once or twice a year. The boiler is coated with anti-rust aluminium. A solenoid valve is used to extract water from the basket to the tray.

However, the Gaggia classic Pro review can be marked on an average of 4 out of 5 on every section. It does last long if you are a little soft with it. Its individual parts are available at cheaper rates. Although it has some limitations, its steam wand is a little fragile. It’s capable of making you fluffy milk but if you taste a latte one then it has a long way to go it fails to create microfoam.


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