Innovative Gadgets for Health Care: Smoking Cessation Devices

A variety of different gadgets for health care are designed to help persons maintain a healthy lifestyle. Others are designed to help provide a cleaner environment for all. Get an iPhone and track your health habits on it.

Some gadgets are designed to help smokers quit. One device called the Linkman assists smokers in a unique way. It’s a cylindrical-shaped object about the size of a cigarette, with a button on one end and a light on the other. This object attaches to a key chain.

The user presses the Linkman button every time he or she feels the urge to smoke. When the button is pressed, a red or green light goes off. If the light is green, this is the “go ahead to light up a cigarette. When the light is red, the smoker must exercise the willpower the wait.

The idea behind the Linkman is that users will wean themselves off of cigarettes as the length between red and green lights will increase. This device works as long as the smoker “obeys” the command of the red and green lights. In other words, users need to exercise willpower.

Another gadget used is the digital smoking device. This particular object is meant to work in a similar way that a nicotine patch works-to feed nicotine into a person’s system without the use of harmful cigarette smoke. These devices are shaped like a cigarette, cigar, pipe or other object used for traditional smoking.

The main idea behind using a digital smoking device is to help provide a cleaner environment. The other reason these exist is to offer a solution for “die hard” smokers who will be able to feel the benefits of nicotine without violating smoking prohibition laws.


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