Medical Science Reaching New Heights

Medical science and technology has reached new heights in the past few years. The new developments in this field have fostered many benefits for the general public. Many diseases that were previously incurable can now be treated under the advanced technology. Furthermore diseases that have not yet taken their toll on the body can be detected earlier on plus the way certain diseases and operations had to be undertaken has become much less painful for the patients.

An example of the benefit that can be derived from the advancement in science and technology is with the use of the ECG machines. Through the use of these machines one can assess the performance of the heartÂ’s conduction system. This revolutionary step gives a clear picture of the heart muscles and action can be taken according to the condition of the patient. These machines can easily be brought to a patientÂ’s home in the case of an emergency or to the scene of an accident that requires immediate diagnosis and medical attention. ECG can even be taken on the way to the hospital in the ambulance and the results transmitted to the doctors who start preparing for the patient beforehand.

Along with benefiting the people in terms of pain relief the advanced technology has also brought with it much convenience. Take for example the use of a digital thermometer. This is a portable device that is battery powered and can be used to record accurate temperature anywhere and anytime. Therefore we see that mankind has derived innumerous benefits from the advancement in science.


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