Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Work, kids, traffic, stress – everyday gets so hectic, it can be hard to maintain a healthy way of life. Here are a few tips which will help you develop better lifestyle habits. Introduce one each week to make things easier. There’s no need to immediately change your entire routine to incorporate 5 mile runs straight away or throw out everything in your fridge to make room for soya milk and mung beans.


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Many of us are guilty of getting too little sleep or even too much sleep. There’s no hard and fast rule on how much sleep you ‘must have’, but generally speaking it is between 7 – 9 hours a night, decreasing as you get older. Sleep quality is very important too. Try to avoid falling asleep in front of the TV, you’ll be disturbed by the noise and light. Reading is both relaxing and almost hypnotic, and is far better before bed. Heavy eating or drinking just before turning in isn’t ideal, but a nice warm mug of warm milk or cocoa can help you relax.


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By now, we know we about the recommended five fruit and vegetables a day. Did you know that most experts agree that you need more? Or that those fruit and vegetables should consist of different colours? We’re talking to those people who’ve had 5 portions of orange juice instead!

The different colours denote the different vitamins and minerals in each vegetable – you need lots of different ones. So instead of rattling around full of vitamin supplements, get your nutrients from nature herself! Make as many meals as possible from scratch, so you know exactly what is going in your body.


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Life’s essence itself, our bodies are made up of 60% water, while our brains have 70%. Two litres of water a day is what the professionals advise, but if you live or work in an air-conditioned or humid environment, you’ll need more. Think of it as topping up your brain power – you’d water your garden in a drought and your brain is no different!


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According to the government, only 37% of men and 24% of women get enough exercise. You need to be aiming to do a minimum of 30 minutes moderate exercise, five days a week. If this seems like too much right now, start off smaller and work towards this. Soon enough you’ll find that the feeling you get from exercise (naturally released endorphins) make you want to do more anyway. If you are pregnant or older you might want to take advice from your GP or physician.
You don’t necessarily need to join a gym. Moderate exercise is anything that makes you warm and slightly out of breath. So, a lot of exercise comes from day-to-day activities. Gardening, for example, is a productive form of work out.

Happy Mind

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A healthy mind begets a healthy body. If you are feeling down, you are less likely to exercise or eat healthily and vice versa. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation, but start one and the other will come effortlessly. Banish apathy by doing some feel-good brain training. Write down all the negative things in your life and work out how to fix them. If it’s negative people, try and distance yourself as best you can, until you’re strong enough to deal with them. If it’s your job, look into how you might start a new career.

Ultimately, you probably already know which aspects in your life need improving. Start to take a few baby steps, and you’ll be jogging in no time!

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