Walking Canes

In yesteryears it was tough for the physically disabled to walk with the single footed stick which made walking on the un-trodden paths not only difficult but at times more risky. With the development of technology, and by considering the specific demands of the individuals there has been improvement in the walkers and the walking canes making the life more comfortable and easy. It assists in increasing the mobility and installs confidence in the patient and the disabled.

Walking assistant helps you with its advanced features like cane, a flash light, rubber soles, soft handles and lighter weight body. The chief material used in construction of the walking assistant is wood which is light in weight and handy in operation. Aluminum is at times used, which is specifically constructed in the form of pipe making it porous from within, which assists in reducing its weight considerably.

Again walking assistant is equipped with magnet and a robotic hand which helps the disabled to pick the goodies from the ground, and the magnet helps search the keys and metal articles in the surroundings. The handles are made using the anti-slip technology so the cane stays where you left if without sliding or moving apart. It is equipped with small lights the light emitting diodes, which glow at the touch of the button, brightening the path ahead in darkness. There exists a magnet beneath the handles which attracts the jewelry and keeps it safe and sound. It is a great feature assisting the blind and the handicapped alike. There are several pockets and bags within the cane where one can keep articles of general use and is a handy storage for them. This kind of cane is specifically designed for ladies who generally have several goodies to carry along whether it is a lady with a temporary physical issue or an older one with long term disability.

There are specific orthopedic canes which are stronger and much durable than the other ones, providing additional support whereby the patient can put additional weight on the assistant making his life more comfortable. So there are varieties of walking assistants to choose from and it would be a reliable investment.


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