The advantages of custom lasik

Revolutionizing the vision industry in 1998, Lasik eye surgery gave people an option for a safer eye correction procedure. Lasik surgery was safer than previous correction procedures but even it could not correct everyone’s vision.

Now there is a new procedure in eye surgery called custom Lasik. Using a special mapping procedure it gives eye surgeons a 3D map of the eye. This is the key to correcting more difficult vision problems. A technology called wavefront is what is used by custom lasik. It is able to pick up subtle problems in the cornea which previously had been overlooked with lasik surgery and never corrected. Wavefront technology the same, that is used to communicate between telescopes on earth and satellites operating in outer space. The only difference between custom lasik and traditional lasik is during the pre-op exam. This is when the surgeon maps the eye out and gets its exact measurements. It is just a simple addition but has huge advantages in the outcome. Traditional lasik can result in night vision or glare difficulties because subtle cornea problems are not corrected. Custom lasik sets itself apart here, by not only measureing how well you see on a 20/20 scale but also on the fine details and contrast vision. The fact that surgeons are able to pick up on small variances in the cornea then allows them to better help people with strong prescriptions and/or sever astigmatism. It would also be able to correct an unsuccessful previous lasik surgery.

The first step would be to discuss with your eye care professional how custom lasik would or could benefit you. You may find that the traditional lasik may not give you the results you wish to achieve. If you have had previous lasik surgery and it resulted in glare, a strong prescription, or astigmatism you should consider custom lasik. Your eye care professional should be able to tell you if results will be better.

Benefits of custom lasik vs traditional lasik normally are significant. You will have a better chance of getting 20/20 vision because of the precise 3D mapping of your eye and measurements from the wavefront technology. You will often see contrast and fine details better. Probably, the biggest advantage is reduced risk and treatment for glare or halos in your vision. For someone with difficult or many vision problems the cost difference of approximately 400-500 dollars more are normally worth it.

Custom lasik is quickly becoming the most popular form of lasik procedures. The answer to hard to treat vision problems may just be custom lasik. This is due to better results and the outcome ranks higher than traditional lasik surgery. Because of the advances in surgery vision correction soon should be as easy as getting eyeglasses.

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