The connection between lasik eye surgery and astigmatism

In the past astigmatism has created many problems for a patient seeking lasik eye surgery. In lasik eye surgery the cornea is what is corrected and most vision problems like astigmatism are caused by distortions in the cornea. Because there are more corneal distortions with astigmatism then there are with just myopia (near sighted) or hyperopia (far sighted) the procedure can be very difficult. Technological advances over the past few years have helped surgeon’s deal with astigmatism much better for their patients.

Astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia all stem from the cornea not being shaped correctly. If a person has 20/20 vision their cornea is perfectly shaped without any distortion. In myopia and hyperopia the cornea is curved incorrectly and if you have astigmatism the cornea is more oblong shaped than round, it also may contain other imperfections such as slat surfaces or dips. So with astigmatism not only is the shape of the cornea wrong, but there added difficulties due to other distortions. Astigmatism effects both near and far sighted vision.

When correcting vision through lasik surgery the goal is to create a perfectly smooth and shaped cornea to achieve 20/20 vision. It starts with an examination of the cornea to determine what exactly needs to be done. Then it proceeds to the actual procedure where a flap is cut in the outer surface of the cornea and a laser is programmed to reshape the cornea. This procedure is not difficult on the patient under normal circumstances. The skill level of the surgeon and how drastic the problems with the cornea were are factors that affect the final outcome of the surgey.

Custom lasik uses a technology called wavefront that can map out the eyes surface. This newer form of lasik makes it easier to see the many astigmatism defects of the cornea. It is able to do this because wavefront picks up the fine details and imperfections much better than traditional lasik. Some surgeons prefer astigmatism patients to receive custom lasik because the results are much better.

There is also an astigmatism complication that results from the lasik procedure. This form of astigmatism is called irregular astigmatism. The major symptom of irregular astigmatism is double vision. If you have double vision after lasik surgery and it remains you may be suffering from irregular astigmatism. In a case like this, surgery would have to be repeated in an attempt to correct the complication.. Irregular astigmatism results from the laser not being correctly programmed.

Astigmatism is very common and it used to mean you had many difficulties when trying correct vision. You needed to treat with eyeglasses or in some cases contacts, but with today’s technology it is much less of a problem. Now through technological advances it is easier to correct through lasik eye surgery. To ensure that your astigmatism is corrected with lasik, you should discuss with your doctor all the options including custom lasik procedures.

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