Choosing a doctor for your lasik eye surgery

People looking to get away from eyeglasses or contacts, has made lasik surgery extremely popular as it does seem to be the answer. There are some restrictions on who would be a good candidate and the type of results that can be achieved, but the success or failure of lasik eye surgery is mostly dependent upon the surgeon. One of the most important considerations when looking at lasik surgery is finding a surgeon. This search can mean the difference between complete success, many complications, repeat surgery, or complete failure.

Many surgeons perform lasik surgery, some are very good and some are barely acceptable. You should consider that lasik surgery is a type where experience makes a world of difference. You do not want to risk your eyesight with an inexperienced or under experienced surgeon. When you see a discounted surgery be careful, many surgeons offer great rates so they can attract clients to help them get experience.

To make sure your surgeon is qualified and experienced there are some things you should find out the following.

1. How many lasik surgeries have they performed? This question is important. Make sure you specify lasik eye surgery. Some doctors have experience with laser surgeries, but not specifically lasik.

2. Ask what type of equipment your surgeon uses. Find out if it is FDA approved. Also make sure your surgeon has experience using this specific equipment.

3. Ask your doctor if he or she will be handling your pre and post operation care. Some doctors do and some do not. This is important to find out because if you will need to see another doctor as well you should schedule a consultation to make sure he or she is qualified as well.

The major factor is that your doctor answers your questions and is willing to take the time to make you trust in them and feel comfortable. You should ask as many questions as you need to achieve this trust and comfort level. Anything that is important to you ask the question.

There are many different ways you can use to find a good surgeon. The most likely source would be your eye doctor. Knowing someone you trust, puts their trust in a person would bring peace of mind. You can also ask people who you know that have had the procedure who they would recommend. Advertisements are also a form of referrals. What you need to remember with advertisements is you will need then to do more work to find out the surgeons qualifications. No matter what way you use, always ask questions and find out for yourself exactly how qualified a surgeon is before making your final decision.

Finding a suitable surgeon may be a difficult task but is well worth the effort. Lasik surgery is a serious decision and will affect your life forever. You will feel better about that decision, and go into the procedure more relaxed and comfortable knowing you can trust your surgeon and they are qualified.

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